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Jerre Foo, Corporate Development Executive, Silkroad Nickel

Jerre Foo
Corporate Development Executive | Silkroad Nickel
50 Armenian Street #03-04, 179938 Singapore (SGP)

+65 6327 8971

Silkroad Nickel: 'The course is set for dynamic profit growth.'

Dr. Thomas Gutschlag, CEO, Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Dr. Thomas Gutschlag
CEO | Deutsche Rohstoff AG
Q7, 24, 68161 Mannheim (D)

+49 621 490 817 0

Interview Deutsche Rohstoff AG: "We can imagine additional investments in the field of electromobility."

Steve Cope, President, CEO and Director, Silver Viper

Steve Cope
President, CEO and Director | Silver Viper
1055 W Hastings St Suite 1130, V6E 2E9 Vancouver (CAN)


Interview with Silver Viper: Future price drivers and takeover fantasy

11. January 2021 | 08:50 CET

NIO, Royal Helium, Linde: Here come the long-runners of tomorrow

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Anyone who bets on trending stocks on the stock market knows the problem: it's hard to chase the prices and get in after significant price increases. But sometimes the market is just crazy and tends to exaggerate. Despite rocketing rises, some stocks keep climbing. Investors with great courage nevertheless jump at the chance, as in the case of the hydrogen share NEL, which has rushed from record to record. Those who pay more attention to risk look to second-tier stocks that are yet to make a chart breakout. The important thing here is that the associated investment story also has something to offer - such as with the Chinese electric car pioneer NIO.

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Andrew Davidson, CEO, Royal Helium Limited
"[...] We expect the first three wells to be drilled, cased, completed and tested by the second week of March [...]" Andrew Davidson, CEO, Royal Helium Limited

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Nico Popp

At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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NIO picks up speed in Tesla's slipstream

The US-listed electric car maker's stock outperformed Tesla's between mid-October and December, but the stock also entered a clearer consolidation after that. Around the turn of the year, the price trends of both Companies converged sharply. While the Tesla share is already rushing from all-time high to all-time high, the Chinese share is still trading just below this mark. From a price of USD 55 or more, the value could gain new momentum.

The latest sales figures show that NIO also has a lot to offer in terms of fundamentals. Deliveries in December exceeded the previous year's figure by 121%. Fourth-quarter sales also exceeded expectations. On Saturday, the Company unveiled several innovations at its NIO DAY. Among them, a new model that, for the first time, is not an SUV. There is also speculation about whether the automaker will flex its muscles in "autonomous driving" and show what it can do. Given the hype in the markets, NIO could be an alternative to Tesla. However, investors should be aware of the hype and realize that they are jumping on a moving train. In this regard, caution is the top priority.

Royal Helium: what will happen in the next four weeks?

The Royal Helium share train is currently making a stopover - the share has been hovering around the CAD 0.45 mark for days. Just below CAD 0.50 is a course high from the beginning of August, which currently serves as resistance. Royal Helium operates on a 400,000-hectare property and drills there for natural gas to extract helium. Helium is needed primarily by the high-tech industry. Examples include medical technology, rocket construction and laser technology. Also, helium is used as a lifting gas.

A few days ago, Royal Helium announced its intention to directly invest the recently raised funds amounting to more than CAD 6 million. A three-well program commenced late last week. The Company expects results from the first wells within the next four weeks. As a partner, Royal Helium was able to win the service provider Savanna Drilling Corp., which has already completed 25 such wells in the past. Since Royal Helium's stock is still showing little momentum, the tech profiteer from the second tier could become an insider tip.

Linde: The gas specialist is preoccupied with itself

The Linde share is anything but an insider tip. The value is trading at an interim high around EUR 220 but is far from becoming a favorite of traders and short-term investors. The Company is considered a gas specialist and thus benefits from the high-tech industry's increased demand. But the Company is also preoccupied with itself: Linde acquired rival Praxair a few months ago and has been busy integrating the Company ever since. Then there was the pandemic in 2020, which hit the Company at the worst possible time. When other companies were already cautiously optimistic about the future again in May 2020, Linde conceded its annual forecast.

However, 2021 could be better for Linde, with catch-up effects after the crisis year beckoning. The integration of Praxair should continue to advance, and no longer weigh on the figures. Compared to small caps like Royal Helium, increasing demand for gases like helium is not as significant for Linde - the Company has too many footholds. Also, a corporation is always preoccupied with itself. Therefore, a big ship like the Linde share comes through crises better, but in return does not develop such a great dynamism during friendly market phases. Given the rising demand for gases and the all-time high of the share, Linde is nevertheless worth a look.


Nico Popp

At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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30. March 2021 | 08:06 CET | by Nico Popp

GameStop, Royal Helium, Varta: "Hot Picks" for the Portfolio

  • Helium

Many private investors are looking to make a quick buck on the stock market. Time and again, this leads to investors taking on too much risk in relation to their financial situation. However, it can make sense to add one or two speculative stocks to a balanced portfolio. With only small amounts, it can be possible to achieve real returns even after inflation. We present three stocks and explain whether they are suitable as portfolio boosters or not.


25. March 2021 | 08:35 CET | by Carsten Mainitz

Linde, Royal Helium, Air Liquide - Two hydrogens, one helium. All there for an explosive mixture!

  • Helium

Nuclear fusion is the keyword of the future. Technically, this involves fusing two hydrogen atoms to form a helium nucleus. What is possible on a large scale on the sun without any problems (in fact, 564 million tons of hydrogen are fused into helium there every second), unfortunately, remains a dream of the future for us. This means 1. we cannot yet generate electricity from nuclear fusion, so we must continue to manage the energy transition with established sustainable technologies such as wind, solar and hydropower. Hydrogen will play a prominent role as an energy storage and transmission medium. And 2. helium will not be produced on an industrial scale in the foreseeable future in any other way than through conventional production. The following three companies should profit strongly from the energy turnaround.


12. March 2021 | 07:39 CET | by André Will-Laudien

Linde plc, Airbus SE, Royal Helium - Things are taking off!

  • Helium

Despite the second wave of the pandemic, the European Central Bank (ECB) has slightly raised its economic forecast for the eurozone economy, which has been battered by the Corona Crisis. The central bank announced on Thursday after the interest rate decision in Frankfurt that ECB economists now expect the gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 4% for the current year. In December, central bank economists had still predicted 3.9%. So when the economy shifts into the next gear, commodity demand must be linked to this scenario. It provides a reasonable explanation for the bullish copper price. In this context, we take a look at the important industrial gases.