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James Tansey, CEO, Klimat X Developments Inc.

James Tansey
CEO | Klimat X Developments Inc.
800 West Pender Street, V6C 2V6 Vancouver (CAN)


Interview with Klimat X: "The market for CO2 certificates could increase tenfold by 2030"

September 14th, 2023

  • CO2
  • Climate Change
  • carbon credits
  • Forest

In 2010, James Tansey played a crucial role in making the Vancouver Olympics carbon-neutral. After that, the environmental scientist worked as a professor and advised affluent clients on sustainable investments. James also helped establish the Great Bear Rainforest carbon project in the temperate rainforests of British Columbia, which protects 6.4m hectares of rainforest and benefits the First Nations communities. Today, Tansey is CEO of Klimat X. The Company protects forests and mangrove areas to generate carbon credits. In this interview, Tansey explains how the business model works, how the Klimat X team is able to convince potential investors with facts and figures on climate change solutions, and why the CEO believes his company is excellently positioned to benefit from the exorbitant growth of the CO2 certificate market.

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Terry Lynch, CEO, Power Nickel

Terry Lynch
CEO | Power Nickel
82 Richmond St East Suite 202, M5C 1P1 Toronto (CAN)

+1 416 900-5445

Interview Power Nickel: "The market has not yet come close to realizing the new potential"

September 6th, 2023

  • Nickel
  • Batteries
  • Supply chain law

Power Nickel stands for NISK, a promising nickel project in Quebec, Canada. Recently, the Company entered into an extensive partnership with the nickel specialist CVMR Corp. Power Nickel CEO Terry Lynch explains how his Company can benefit from the deal in the short term, why new options along the value chain are realistic for Power Nickel, and why, in his opinion, the stock is far from being fairly valued.

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Philip Schetter, CEO, Cantourage Group SE

Philip Schetter
CEO | Cantourage Group SE
Feurigstraße 54, 10827 Berlin (DE)

Interview with Cannabis Trader Cantourage: "Can grow dynamically in any legal framework"

August 23rd, 2023

  • Cannabis
  • medical Cannabis
  • Therapy

Legal cannabis consumption in Germany is a done deal. Last year, the German cannabis hopeful Cantourage made a spectacular debut on the stock market. For the coming quarters, the Berlin-based company anticipates high double-digit sales growth. In this interview, Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, discusses his company's unique selling points. He explains why obtaining cannabis from a pharmacy will soon be as simple as getting Ibuprofen and why hobby gardeners are not necessarily competition for Cantourage. In addition: what mistake Canadian cannabis company Cantourage will not make under any circumstances.

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Sébastien Plouffe, CEO, Defence Therapeutics Inc.

Sébastien Plouffe
CEO | Defence Therapeutics Inc.
1680 – 200 Burrard Street, V6C 3L6 Vancouver (CAN)

+1 (514) 947 – 2272

Interview Defence Therapeutics: "The next six months will be trend-setting."

July 26th, 2023

  • Biotech
  • Cancer
  • mRNA
  • vaccine
  • Cancer therapy
  • Phase 1

Two Phase I trials against cancer before the end of the year are planned, plus crucial results from a comparative study around mRNA vaccines and a lively collaboration with French nuclear group Orano - cancer pioneer Defence Therapeutics is dancing on many highs. Sébastien Plouffe, CEO of Defence Therapeutics, reveals in an interview how the Canadian company manages to advance so many projects in parallel, what will be important in the coming months, and how the biotech intends to accelerate its development.

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John Passalacqua, CEO and Director, First Phosphate Corp.

John Passalacqua
CEO and Director | First Phosphate Corp.
1055 West Georgia Street, 1500 Royal Centre Vancouver (CAN)

Interview First Phosphate: "We are breaking new ground in processes and ESG"

March 22nd, 2023

  • Phosphate
  • Battery Metals
  • ESG

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have become widely used in e-cars. Currently, China dominates the phosphate market and mines and processes the material in a way that is anything but environmentally friendly. First Phosphate relies on high grades and state-of-the-art strategy to cover large parts of the phosphate value chain. John Passalacqua, CEO and Director of First Phosphate, explains the framework and key data and shows why First Phosphate's plans are almost unique.

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Frederick Kozak, President and CEO, Auxico Resources Canada Inc.

Frederick Kozak
President and CEO | Auxico Resources Canada Inc.
201 Notre Dame West, Suite 500, H2Y 1T4 ​ Montreal (CAN)

+1 514-296-1641

Interview with rare earths company Auxico Resources: "We are solving the problem of dependence on China today."

December 27th, 2022

  • Rare Earths
  • Monazite
  • Cashflow

Auxico Resources has three promising rare earth projects and potential for cash flows across multiple jurisdictions. In the interview, President and CEO Frederick Kozak explains how the Company plans to generate even more revenue as early as 2023, how existing partnerships will help on the road to production, and why Auxico Resources sees itself as a solution provider around the climate and energy transition.

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André Kolbinger, CEO, Smartbroker Holding AG

André Kolbinger
CEO | Smartbroker Holding AG
Ritterstraße 11, 10969 Berlin (DE)

+49 (0)30 20 456 500

Interview Smartbroker: On new paths to old goals

December 9th, 2022

  • Online Brokerage
  • Media

With the Smartbroker 2.0 project, the Berlin-based company wanted to set the course for a golden future. The plan to develop large parts of the brokerage backend itself has been shelved, and the Company has introduced a new partner - Baader Bank. In this interview, find out what the new direction will mean for customers and shareholders and why Smartbroker CEO André Kolbinger announces "hard work and less talk" for 2023.

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Uwe Ahrens, Direktor, Altech Advanced Materials AG

Uwe Ahrens
Direktor | Altech Advanced Materials AG
Ziegelhäuser Landstraße 3, 69120 Heidelberg (DE)

Interview with battery pioneer Altech Advanced Materials: "We hit a nerve with potential partners and investors"

October 6th, 2022

  • battery technology
  • Batteries
  • E-cars

Cheaper, safer, better: Altech Advanced Materials has so far convinced the market with the attributes of its anode technology. Since September 2022, it has been clear that the Company also has well-developed ideas around stationary energy storage and wants to lead the Fraunhofer Institute's solid-state battery technology to market maturity together with the researchers. In an interview, Altech CEO Uwe Ahrens talks about the three business areas, the path to production and the special features of his Company.

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Dennis Karp, Executive Chairman, Manuka Resources

Dennis Karp
Executive Chairman | Manuka Resources
201-207 Kent Street, NSW 2000 Sydney (AU)

+61 2 72 532 020

Manuka Resources Interview: Where cash flows and blue sky potential come together

September 19th, 2022

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Vanadium
  • Energy

ASX listed Manuka Resources combines the stability of a producer and the opportunity of a growth company. Its two projects producing gold and silver generate cash flows on the one hand yet have enormous potential for further development on the other - no wonder the gold resource in particular continues to grow despite increasing production volumes. Recently, the well-connected management team achieved another coup acquiring a very large iron sands and vanadium project in New Zealand. The South Taranaki Bight project (STB project) hosts a VTM iron sands deposit (vanadium, titanomagnetite iron sands) with outstanding PFS economics, unique environmental credentials and is scheduled to be in production within a few years. Even today, vanadium is to infrastructure projects and utility energy storage, what lithium is to electromobility, ie: absolutely critical. We talked to Dennis Karp, Executive Chairman of Manuka Resources, about the prospects and facts surrounding Manuka’s project portfolio.

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Brodie Sutherland, CEO, Tocvan Ventures

Brodie Sutherland
CEO | Tocvan Ventures
820 – 1130 West Pender St, V6E 4A4 Vancouver (CAN)

+ 1 403 829 9877

Interview with Tocvan Ventures: "High gold content and low costs have convinced professional investors despite the crisis”.

July 12th, 2022

  • Gold
  • Mexico
  • Heap-leaching
  • high grade
  • low cost

Tocvan Ventures has come up with several impressive developments in recent weeks: In addition to obtaining financing despite a challenging market environment, the gold prospector identified new zones of mineralization on both its projects in Mexico. The grades have caused a stir within the mining scene. In an interview, CEO and geologist Brodie Sutherland explains why Tocvan Ventures has two hot irons in the fire, what role Mexico plays as a location, and how the team intends to continue creating value in the future.

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Tim Daniels, CEO, Erin Ventures

Tim Daniels
CEO | Erin Ventures
645 Fort Street, Suite 203, BC V8W 1G2 Victoria (CAN)

Interview Erin Ventures: "Many megatrends involve boron, but the market is still in its infancy"

June 29th, 2022

  • boron
  • Climate Change
  • Oligopoly
  • Turkey
  • Turkye
  • Batteries

Batteries for electric cars, fuel cells, wind turbines, solar panels, LCD screens and fertilizers: Boron is versatile and hardly replaceable. So far, two players share 75% of the market and are making a killing. Erin Ventures has a boron project in Serbia and recently published convincing key economic data. The only other major players in Boron are the government owned Eti Maden in Turkey, and Rio Tinto in California. Thanks to the figures, Erin even managed to attract a joint venture partner, at the project level, in these challenging times to take on financing risks and minimize future dilution for shareholders. CEO Tim Daniels talks about the market for boron and the opportunities for Erin Ventures, which is only in the single digits.

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Joe Bleackley, CEO, Pathfinder Ventures Inc.

Joe Bleackley
CEO | Pathfinder Ventures Inc.
9451 Glover Road, PO, V1M 2R9 Box 610 Fort Langley, BC (CAN)

Interview with campsite operator Pathfinder Ventures: "We create unforgettable family experiences and set new standards."

June 27th, 2022

  • Camping
  • RV
  • Travel

Going out into nature in your own motorhome and switching off for a while has long since become a ritual for many families. Pathfinder Ventures currently operates three RV Resorts & campgrounds in British Columbia and has set itself the task of consolidating the predominantly family owned campground market, and also building new locations at the same time. In an interview, CEO, camping enthusiast Joe Bleackley explains how the Company plans to attract customers and investors alike and where Pathfinder Ventures plays to its strengths.

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