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April 20th, 2022 | 12:04 CEST

Where the music is playing now: BioNTech, MAS Gold, Bayer

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Capitalism is the best system when it comes to distributing goods effectively. Supply and demand first make scarce goods expensive and then turn them into a promising business area. That is what happened with vaccines. Today, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) is warning of an oversupply of Corona vaccines - two years ago, things looked very different. While biotech stocks such as BioNTech are being penalized, it is important to identify tomorrow's opportunities. Scarcity plays an important role here.

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    BioNTech: Only interesting again from autumn

    The BioNTech share has lost 5.7% of its value in the past three months. On a one-year horizon, the stock is still trading almost 50% higher, despite some dramatic losses. The highs above EUR 300 could tempt investors to get in now. But the big hype around BioNTech is over. The pandemic is likely to move into another phase due to seasonal factors. At least until autumn, people in Germany will have peace and quiet. This is likely to be accompanied by an even lower demand for vaccines. In some cases, vaccine reserves are even in danger of expiring.

    Although the issue is likely to become virulent again in the fall, this topic will not be played out on the stock market until September at the earliest. A new vaccine variant offering even better protection could also provide hope for BioNTech. The Company expects this to be available in the fall as well. Until then, investors should watch the BioNTech share from the sidelines. Vaccines are in sufficient stockpile, and people are also losing interest. In the long term, however, BioNTech could become exciting because of the many opportunities around mRNA technology.

    MAS Gold: This strategy is catching on in the market

    While vaccines are getting less and less media attention and the market seems saturated, the awareness that gold is a crisis currency is only gradually growing. Meanwhile, the gold price has stalked the USD 2,000 mark and has even been above it. In the long term, this could be a springboard for new highs. The new competition from cryptocurrencies, which is continually being conjured up, is also currently somewhat absent. While the crypto scene is repeatedly shaken by scams, gold remains what it is: If you don't let yourself be tricked into buying bars with a tungsten core, you are prepared for all eventualities. In the slipstream of the gold price, gold stocks like MAS Gold usually rise. MAS Gold has made it its business to develop the La Ronge belt in the Canadian district of Saskatchewan. The area is home to numerous historic mines. Each project on its own could fall short of the critical size that ambitious investors expect from a new gold property. However, MAS Gold believes that all projects combined should offer great potential.

    Synergies are to be created via a central processing plant. Although this currently seems a long way off, the recent acquisition of Preview SW, which is adjacent to the existing Preview North property, shows that MAS Gold is serious. The fact that the acquisition of the property was paid for with treasury shares indicates that the Hub and Spoke strategy is also seen as promising by other market experts. Meanwhile, seller Comstock holds 16.2% of MAS Gold's outstanding shares. The Company is only valued in the low double-digit range, and gold is increasingly becoming the focus of investors. Speculatively oriented investors can see values such as MAS Gold as a counterbalance to stocks such as BioNTech, where the air currently seems to be out.

    Bayer: Monsanto goes from toad to prince

    The Bayer share is anything but out of focus at the moment. Years ago, the chemical company swallowed the Monsanto seed specialists and received a lot of flak in the media. At a time when the Ukraine war is making grain scarce, many people are pinning their hopes on innovative seeds that can increase yields even in difficult times. Bayer brings everything to the table to profit from the imbalance. At the same time, Bayer is also active in pharmaceuticals and health care, thus offering a well-rounded profile. Nevertheless, as a manufacturing company, there is a risk that galloping raw material prices and supply difficulties will also weigh on Bayer. Such risks do not exist with growth stocks such as MAS Gold, which are still far from an operating business and have a corresponding valuation.

    Nevertheless, Bayer's stock is by no means uninteresting - a dividend of around 5% speaks a clear language, plus the already outlined seed fantasy. While investors should rather stay away from BioNTech, Bayer is currently a stock that fits the spirit of the times. However, an insider tip for all those who like to invest speculatively is MAS Gold. Untapped potential and synergy effects beckon here. Currently, the share is hardly on the market's radar. It can be promising.

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    Nico Popp

    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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