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August 29th, 2022 | 12:25 CEST

Biotech stocks - The way it has to go! BioNTech, Defence Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic

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The pharmaceutical and biotech sectors are synonymous with a gold-rush atmosphere. As in the commodities sector, just one discovery can change everything for companies. The best example is BioNTech. Until the pandemic outbreak, the Company was, at best, a household name to biotech nerds. Today, the Palatinate-based company is on top and paying so many taxes that the treasurers of Mainz could pop the corks. We outline three biotech gems and do the future check. We start with BioNTech.

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    BioNTech: Wave of lawsuits causes irritation

    The Mainz-based company recently announced its intention to come up with a vaccine adapted to Omicron as early as the beginning of September. The vaccine against variant BA.1 could soon be approved. Also in the running is a product developed based on the current Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5. According to BioNTech, the difference between the two vaccines is not very great. Based on the older Corona subtype, the vaccine is also said to offer good protection against current virus variants. In the future, BioNTech wants to react even faster to new virus variants and counteract them with new vaccines. This is to be helped by an early warning system based on artificial intelligence, which recognizes virus variants "with potential".

    The joy over a new wave of vaccines is nevertheless clouded: On Friday, it became known that main competitor Moderna has filed lawsuits against Pfizer and BioNTech for patent infringements in the development of Corona vaccines. The cases were filed in both the US and Germany. Previously, the Tübingen-based company CureVac had filed a suit against BioNTech. In addition, further lawsuits by other companies are pending. Pfizer and BioNTech announced their intention to defend their patents "vigorously". Although BioNTech's share price gave cause for hope at times, it is now bobbing sideways again. The prospect of legal disputes is likely to deter investors. Caution is advised for this share!

    Defence Therapeutics: 3 approval processes around the fight against cancer

    Like BioNTech more than two years ago, cancer specialist Defence Therapeutics appears current. The Company is planning several Phase 1 trials for cancer vaccines starting next year. Defence Therapeutics is choosing a route in which tumor cells are not only destroyed, but a long-term memory response of the immune system is also to be created. Preparations are currently underway to begin the approval process. Specifically, the Company is working on vaccine candidates against skin and cervical cancer. Defence Therapeutics' central technology is Accum™, its patented antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform. This type of drug enhancer can target active ingredients in the cell nucleus, thereby increasing its efficacy. Just a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that the technology, used on its own, is also capable of damaging cancer cells so that they die. The process, known as AccuTOX™, is also to be investigated in greater detail as part of a Phase 1 study.

    Defence Therapeutics plans to launch three Phase 1 studies starting next year. These will serve to test the safety of active substances. After that, the other studies will focus on efficacy and dosage. The share has recently come under pressure again after being in a recovery phase. In the medium term, the Company will likely seek further financing rounds. Nevertheless, investors with foresight should take a detailed look at Defence Therapeutics. Detailed analysis and subsequent updates can be found at Being prepared in this way, investors can react better should the stock pick up speed. Given the various projects and the promising field of application, there is certainly potential.

    Bavarian Nordic: Volatility is part of the game!

    The Bavarian Nordic share shows that even an old donkey can become a racehorse overnight in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector. The German-Danish company has a smallpox vaccine in its portfolio that is also approved against monkeypox. The latter is becoming more widespread around the world. Although monkeypox was initially dismissed as posing little danger, there is high demand for vaccination. Official agencies are also now taking the virus seriously. Bavarian Nordic has received a steady stream of new orders for its vaccine in recent months, which has boosted the share price considerably. However, the share price has been bobbing along for several weeks and recently corrected. The reason for this was positive news from competitor Pfizer, which reported good Phase 3 data for a vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Bavarian Nordic is also working on a RSV vaccine at a similar stage.

    Following dynamic upward movements, such as that of Bavarian Nordic, investors must always expect profit-taking. Even BioNTech is now trading well off its previous highs. This shows that volatility is simply part and parcel of the biotech sector. Investors who adjust their position sizes accordingly and invest anticyclically as soon as they are convinced of a technology can exploit advantages. Defence Therapeutics, which is still comparatively unknown, is a good candidate for a "deep dive" for risk-conscious investors.

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