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May 5th, 2022 | 11:52 CEST

Biotech-Investments also work conservatively: BioNTech, XPhyto, Valneva

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Biotech stocks are often seen as all-or-nothing investments - either a bet works out, or the companies disappear into oblivion. But innovative companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors do not always operate in just one area. They are not always spectacular projects that are dependent on approval procedures. We outline the investment opportunities around three well-known biotech stocks.

time to read: 3 minutes | Author: Nico Popp
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    BioNTech: Much ahead, much behind

    BioNTech's stock is clearly a Corona beneficiary. The manufacturer was the pioneer apart from Russia's Sputnik V vaccine and is still the top choice alongside Moderna when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines. But what else does BioNTech have to offer? Thanks to its flexible mRNA technology, the Mainz-based company has a wide range of options. At the end of last year, BioNTech announced a commitment to vaccines against influenza, tuberculosis, HIV and malaria. BioNTech is also repeatedly associated with the fight against cancer.

    After BioNTech's share price more than halved since the vaccine announcements in December, investors can focus on the share once again. The value seems to have stabilized above EUR 100. Since the pandemic does not seem to be over yet and new rounds of vaccination are becoming more and more likely, the wheels should continue to roll at BioNTech. The Company remains well-positioned and has a real cash cow in its portfolio with the covid vaccine.

    XPhyto: Hopeful biosensors

    The up-and-coming Canadian biotech company XPhyto has so far lacked a cash cow. However, the Canadians with good contacts in Germany are well-positioned in some niches. In particular, the biosensor business, which XPhyto uses to detect oral diseases such as periodontitis, peri-implantitis and stomatitis, in addition to covid infections, influenza and scarlet fever, could offer opportunities in the future. Just a few months ago, XPhyto acquired 3a-diagnostics GmbH, with which it had already cooperated, in its entirety. The goal at the time was to leverage synergies, create growth and commercialize the biosensors as quickly as possible. Five months after the takeover of 3a-diagnostics GmbH, investors can look forward to initial successes.

    In addition to the biosensor business, XPhyto also focuses on alternative dosage forms, such as patches or thin films that are placed under the tongue. With the help of innovative dosage forms, certain active ingredients can be used more effectively and thus at a lower cost. Especially around generics, where business is driven almost exclusively by price, cost advantages can quickly mean more market share. In addition to the two rather conservative pillars of biosensors and innovative dosage forms, XPhyto also offers research on psychedelic substances. This approach is socially acceptable, especially in North America, and is said to help treat depression, among other things. The XPhyto share has been languishing below the EUR 1 mark for months. If the rather down-to-earth business takes off, this could lead to a revaluation.

    Valneva: Hope thanks to Lyme disease vaccine

    The Valneva share shows that it can make sense to stand on several legs. Long hailed as a COVID-19 alternative, the Company recently suffered a setback in connection with the approval of the pandemic vaccine. By contrast, there was good news in connection with the planned Lyme disease vaccine. Especially now, in the summertime, the topic is coming back into focus. Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks and, along with meningococci, against which there is already a vaccine, is considered the more harmless consequence of tick bites. The disease can usually be treated well with antibiotics. The tricky thing is that Lyme disease symptoms vary and are often not recognized. So a vaccine would be beneficial and could effectively prevent complications around the nervous system, joints or even the heart that often accompany Lyme disease. Valneva's stock is currently at a crossroads. The value is still in an upward trend. Below EUR 10, however, the air is getting thin...

    Biotech companies do well to have several irons in the fire. While the development of drugs or vaccines is lengthy, expensive and risky, the bread-and-butter business around pharma and biotech also offers opportunities. XPhyto is well positioned around biosensors and alternative dosage forms and aims to be marketable in 2022. If it succeeds, the stock will stand in a new light.

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    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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