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July 19th, 2021 | 11:11 CEST

BioNTech, Defence Therapeutics, Siemens Healthineers - Winning the fight against cancer

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There are over 200 different types of cancer where degenerate cells begin to form tumors. The cost of the disease is estimated at USD 1,160,000,000,000 worldwide. It is no wonder that a lot of money goes into researching cancer drugs. Whoever makes the breakthrough here can make a lot of money. It would be desirable that one of the three companies presented today could find a solution, as that could save 9.6 million people a year. But it is not only drugs that promise profits but also prevention and diagnostics. Today we highlight three companies that have joined the fight against cancer.

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    David Elsley, CEO, Cardiol Therapeutics Inc.
    "[...] As a company dedicated to developing treatments for rare heart diseases, we see this as an opportune moment to contribute to the fight against heart disease and make meaningful strides in improving heart health worldwide. [...]" David Elsley, CEO, Cardiol Therapeutics Inc.

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    BioNTech - Phase II launched in skin cancer patients

    When the name BioNTech comes up, most people think directly of the Corona vaccine. The Company stated at the time of the Delta variant outbreak that the vaccine would also protect against it. Since a study published from Israel found only 64% efficacy against the delta variant, boosting via another dose has become a hot topic. The booster is intended to restore protection. On the one hand, this means that the vaccination will probably have to be renewed every 6 months; on the other hand, this is positive for the shareholders since more vaccines will also be needed.

    The Mainz-based biotech Company announced on June 18 that its anti-cancer vaccine would be tested in humans for the first time in a phase II trial. The trial group consists of 120 skin cancer patients and is designed to uncover efficacy and potential side effects. Again, the mRNA method will be used to help the body's defense system fight the degenerated cells. Specific proteins can be used to identify the bad cells. Four other cancer drugs are still in the pipeline.

    Covid-19 has opened the door for the new technology, and now they are trying to fight other diseases through this technology. Without the study from Israel, the share would undoubtedly have seen new highs by now. The uncertainty caused a small price slide from EUR 199 to EUR 163. A double bottom has now been formed there; however, the prospect of more vaccine sales has lured investors again. Last Friday, the share exited trading at EUR 193.75.

    Defence Therapeutics - A promising approach

    The Canadian biotech company has set itself the goal of developing innovative treatment solutions for all people. The basis for this is formed by two different technologies, which the Company owns 100%. There are three main products currently in development based on the Company's proprietary Accum technology. A cancer vaccine derived from dendritic cells, a protein-based vaccine against Covid-19, and antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) against cancer that deliver the drug directly into the affected cells.

    The Accum technology mentioned above enables full scalability of vaccine development for multiple diseases. In tests, 10-fold drug delivery was observed compared to other approved ADC providers. Thus, the Accum platform is an ideal partner for drug treatments. In contrast to radiation therapy, which also attacks healthy cells, Accum therapy only targets the affected cells. As a result, side effects can be significantly reduced.

    The second pillar of Defence Therapeutics is vaccine development. There are numerous potential areas of application for which the patented Accum technology can be used. The platform makes it possible to target the latest viruses and thus combat diseases efficiently. The Company has had initial success in a study on mice. 70% of the mice could be cured despite existing tumors. The share has climbed steeply since its stock market debut on May 7. At the opening, the stock was trading at CAD 1.75 and rose to CAD 7.80. Since then, the stock has been consolidating.

    Siemens Healthineers - Ahead of the quarterly figures

    When the acquisition of US Company Varian Medical Systems for USD 16.4 billion was announced in August 2020, the stock first went on a downward slide. Fears were rife that the Company had paid too much. In the meantime, the wind has changed and new all-time highs have been reached. That's partly due to Covid-19's rapid antigen tests, which have brought in about EUR 750 million in revenue this fiscal year (which ends Sept. 30). Quarterly results are due out on July 30, and more than a few analysts expect the Company to raise its guidance for the current fiscal year.

    The other part of the growth is generated by Varian Medical Systems, as this acquisition has opened up various synergies. The California-based Company specializes in the development of novel cancer screening and treatments. The Company has a 45% market share in hardware and software for cancer medicine. Siemens Healthineers can now cover the entire range of early cancer diagnostics, a competitive advantage, especially in hospital sales. The high margins in cancer care mean that further growth is likely.

    To better focus sales, a sale of the ultrasound equipment division is said to be under discussion. The share has been on an upward trend since the end of October 2020. Inclusion in the new DAX 40 beckons as a reward. Should this succeed, the share would come more into focus, and more investors could jump on board. Currently, one should wait for the figures at the end of July and then think about an investment. The stock has already moved over 20% in the last month and a half and has not yet consolidated.

    All three companies are trying to put a stop to cancer. Due to the high margins, investors can expect large profits in the event of a breakthrough. With biotech companies, one must always expect temporary setbacks. BioNTech has already proven that it is possible to make enormous profits with new technologies. Defence Therapeutics has a very exciting approach that you can invest in before the breakthrough. Siemens Healthineers is focusing more on early detection and can also generate good profits with this.

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    Born in Mönchengladbach, he studied business administration in the Netherlands. In the course of his studies he came into contact with the stock exchange for the first time. He has more than 25 years of experience in stock market business.

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