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May 18th, 2022 | 12:53 CEST

Big percentages thanks to platform strategy:, Defence Therapeutics, Nordex

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A central principle of the platform economy is to bring together different user groups and thus create synergies. What sounds a bit dry quickly becomes interesting, especially from an investor's point of view. For example, when different car models are based on one and the same platform, or when several diseases can be effectively combated thanks to one and the same technology. The unique aspect for investors: If these synergies come to fruition and a business succeeds in scaling, high returns are possible. We cite three stocks as examples.

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    Bill Radvak, CEO, NervGen Pharma
    "[...] In summary, there are many different healing processes that make us very confident that our drug has the ability to help many millions of people with a wide variety of causes of nervous system damage. [...]" Bill Radvak, CEO, NervGen Pharma

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    Amazon: This giant never falters

    Amazon's business is a true success story. Having started as a book mail-order Company, Amazon has long since become a global empire. Decades ago, when founder Jeff Bezos was thinking about getting his foot in the door in eCommerce as quickly as possible, he was thinking about books. Books don't go bad, and they all have more or less the same format, making packaging and shipping easy. Amazon has long since gone much further and now sells everything. The Company has long since made its logistics and website available to third-party sellers. These compete on the Amazon platform and even pay to be placed prominently - a simple business model has evolved into multiple options.

    A few years ago, Amazon started to throw its own tech gadgets onto the market. Streaming boxes for TV, tablets and even smartphones were available from Amazon. Later, the smart assistant Siri was added. Of course, buying in the Amazon universe is straightforward with these gadgets. The Prime subscription service also entices customers to do everything via Amazon's services. Today, the Company is a retail giant with great tech power. Many other business models are conceivable in the Amazon universe. Despite losses of around 20%, investors should keep the stock in mind. However, there is no buying pressure.

    Defence Therapeutics: Many irons in the fire - CEO takes your questions

    What Amazon's website and logistics infrastructure is, Defence Therapeutics' Accum™ technology is. The biotech Company develops vaccines and also focuses on the treatment of diseases. Meanwhile, numerous patents are among the Company's intangible assets. Accum™ is a so-called antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) that can deliver conventional drugs into affected cells. This targeted approach ensures that the necessary dose can be reduced, which in turn can potentially increase the likelihood of drug approval. It is precisely in this area that it becomes clear why Accum™ technology can also be compared to a multi-tool. On the one hand, Defence Therapeutics is driving forward the development of vaccines against human papillomaviruses (HPV) and COVID-19 and is planning to launch corresponding studies possibly as early as the end of 2022. On the other hand, Accum™ can boost existing compounds, making them potentially useful.

    In an interview, Dr Moutih Rafei, Director and VP of Research and Development at Defence Therapeutics, made it clear that the technology could be open to other companies: "Almost every pharmaceutical company is working on ADCs - Genentech, Roche, AstraZeneca and many others. In Germany in particular, people may be familiar with the story of CureVac, whose COVID-19 vaccine was unfortunately unsuccessful due to problems with dosing. All of these companies are potential partners for us precisely because we can solve problems with dosing effectively and without undesirable side effects," Rafei said. In addition, there are considerations to use Accum™ on the one hand as a drug enhancer and at the same time as an effective drug, as the substance is considered highly toxic when used in a targeted manner. The areas of application for Defence Therapeutics and its technology are diverse and full of potential synergy effects, which may offer the potential for surprises. Collaborations that inject capital into the Company are also conceivable. May 19, Rafei will present his Company at 3:20 pm live at the International Investment Forum (IIF) via Zoom. There is no charge to participate, and questions are welcome. Interested investors should use this event for a deep dive.

    Nordex: Sentiment good, margin poor

    The Nordex share demonstrates that thorough due diligence is particularly important now - the stock has lost around 17.7% in the last three months despite the energy crisis and climate change. Last year, the research portal already showed where Nordex is failing: the margin is not right. High raw material costs and increasingly expensive transport make life difficult for Nordex. And this even though the Rostock-based wind turbine manufacturer tried to take countermeasures in good time with its Delta 4000 platform. In the meantime, Delta 4000 already accounts for a large share of new business. Further positive impulses are doubtful, which is reflected in the share price. Nordex is green, sustainable and unfortunately uninteresting for investors.

    The examples mentioned above show that not all platforms are the same. While the business at Amazon is already well developed, and the share can lose a few percent in the wake of the overall market without really getting into trouble, the new Delta 4000 platform at Nordex did not cause jubilation. What will happen to Defence Therapeutics in a few years is also still up in the air. However, what is certain is that the areas of application are diverse, and Accum™ has what it takes to generate income streams. In a market phase where growth is not expensive on the stock market, investors should do their homework and research - for example, on Thursday at the IIF, where 14 other high-profile decision-makers will join Defence. The live event is free of charge via zoom.

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    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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