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André Will-Laudien

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Born in Munich, he first studied economics and graduated in business administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in 1995. As he was involved with the stock market at a very early stage, he now has more than 30 years of experience in the capital markets. In the historic year 2000, he trained as a CEFA analyst in Frankfurt and has since then accompanied over 20 IPOs in Germany.

Until 2018, he held various positions at banks as an asset manager, capital market and macro expert as well as fundamental equity analyst. He is passionate about the energy, commodity and technology markets as well as the tactical and strategic asset allocation of liquid investment products. As an expert speaker at investment committee meetings of funds as well as at customer events, he can still describe the course of the 1987 crash, one of the major buying opportunities of the last 33 years on the stock market.

Today, he knows that the profit in shares is not necessarily the result of buying cheaply, but above all of avoiding mistakes and recognizing in good time when markets are ready to let air out. After all, in addition to basic fundamental analysis, investing in stocks is above all a phenomenon of global liquidity and this must be monitored regularly.

Commented by André Will-Laudien

Commented by André Will-Laudien on May 3rd, 2022 | 12:11 CEST

The energy madness: NEL, dynaCERT, Plug Power, FuelCell Energy - Hydrogen shares and the next price explosion?

  • Hydrogen
  • GreenTech

If not now, when? Never before have there been so many arguments for new technologies that improve energy generation and distribution. After years of globalization, local connections are becoming important again in the current dislocation of international relationships, as the world has truly come apart at the seams. Supply relationships, price relations and availability, are under scrutiny. For the GreenTech movement, the current conditions could not be better, with climate protection and new technologies for decarbonized mobility leading the way. We take a look at the protagonists of hydrogen technologies.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on May 2nd, 2022 | 13:27 CEST

BioNTech, Defence Therapeutics, Valneva, MorphoSys - Biotech stocks that will still be fun tomorrow!

  • Biotechnology

One of the most churned areas on the growth stock market is the biotech sector. There was too much disappointment on the drug development side; even in the COVID sector, only a few winners remain. However, the current sell-off could turn out to be an entry opportunity in the medium term because there are more and more people on earth and, fortunately, they are getting older and older; even the Corona pandemic is not likely to change this. There are already 1 billion people worldwide over the age of 60, and forecasts predict that this figure will rise to 2 billion by 2050 - with a total population of more than 9 billion people predicted at that time. Which values have been unjustly neglected, and where are the current opportunities for investors?


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 29th, 2022 | 12:20 CEST

BASF, Standard Lithium, Almonty Industries, BYD - Industrial shares in focus: Now it matters!

  • Tungsten
  • Lithium
  • Electromobility

Poland and Bulgaria no longer receive gas from Russia because they cannot pay in hard rubles. Feat: No one has larger stocks of this exotic currency because until now, all energy deliveries could be paid for in foreign currency. The situation has reached a new level of escalation between the Russian government and resource-hungry Central Europe. With further arms deliveries, this political issue will become even more acute. We look at existing dependencies and the dangers for German industrial stocks.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 28th, 2022 | 13:32 CEST

Alibaba, Netflix, Meta Platforms, Globex Mining - Find the best turnaround stocks in 2022!

  • Commodities
  • Investments

Rising interest rates and inflation - Central banks worldwide now have to tighten the reins to keep demonetization from getting out of hand. Traditionally, technology stocks, which are otherwise in demand, tend to do poorly in such phases because they have higher financing costs. The higher discount rate makes corporate cash values less profitable than in low-interest rate environments. The NASDAQ-100 Index hit its high of 16,767 points in November 2021, just as the 10-year interest rate began to rise. Since then, the technology index has lost about 22%. But some stocks have more than halved in value. We take a closer look at the former high flyers.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 27th, 2022 | 12:26 CEST

Barrick Gold, Desert Gold, K+S - Inflation: Is fertilizer the new silver and gold?

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • fertilizer

Inflation and rising interest rates are an argument in favor of precious metals - that is the opinion of many investors who suspect a loss of monetary value and want to protect themselves against it. But the stock exchanges had other topics on their radar in the last few days. Because due to strongly correcting share prices, there was primarily an urge for liquidity, in part to satisfy margin requirements of the bank. Such times also lead to the realization of price gains in gold and silver. So regardless of the environment, precious metals fall at times. For the long-term investor, this is a clear buying opportunity. We look at which stocks are promising here.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 26th, 2022 | 11:12 CEST

Varta, Nordex, Nevada Copper, JinkoSolar: supply chain broken, copper is the new gold!

  • GreenTech
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Copper
  • E-Mobility

Global copper inventories and production rates are currently below the level of recent years. This is due to the limited availability of new projects, which can only be put into production slowly and will still consume some investment. In copper recycling, the industry is making progress, but the necessary rates of increase to supply new markets remain too low. Then there are the troubled supply chains, which make it difficult to move larger volumes of raw material at the moment. In the first four months of 2022, copper inventories on commodity futures exchanges were below 2021 levels, and LME inventories in London are likely to fall further because of the demand-pull. The physical copper shortage is not hysteria - it is now a reality on the exchange with spot prices above USD 10,000. Where are the opportunities for investors willing to take risks?


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 25th, 2022 | 10:48 CEST

Plug Power, First Hydrogen, Daimler Truck, Ballard Power - Revolution of transport: Hydrogen versus oil and gas!

  • Hydrogen

It is hard to find more arguments in favor of hydrogen than right now! The element burns cleanly, it can be produced infinitely from nature and is currently even competitive given the high prices for oil and gas. Now the governments must act and direct their one-sided firing of e-mobility in the direction of hydrogen. Given the raw materials crisis, the year 2022 should be defined as an initial departure into the future. The last climate conference in Glasgow in 2021 has set the course - now, we must not stand still but get out with the budgets. What helps the environment is ultimately also good for the economy. Hydrogen drive is an alternative to ecologically questionable battery production! As an investor, these shares should be kept in mind.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 22nd, 2022 | 12:59 CEST

Exploding interest rates: Nordex, Hong Lai Huat, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank - How to escape inflation?

  • RealEstate
  • Banking

And once again, lockdown in China. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a prolonged downturn in Asia would leave significant signs of a slowdown in the global economy. The upward trend of the economies is already permanently burdened by disrupted supply chains, exploding supplier prices, and sharply rising interest rates. Actually, this would be the programmed swan song for the stock markets. But far from it: For 4 weeks, the stock markets have been gradually rising, and the DAX is currently even delivering buy signals. Investors are probably speculating on the lush dividend season and an imminent end to the war in Ukraine. Until then, however, the conveyor belts in some industries will stand still for a while. What are the current opportunities and risks?


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 21st, 2022 | 13:28 CEST

Split & Dividend: Allianz, Aspermont, Amazon - These Triple-A stocks are a joy to watch!

  • Digitization
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  • Media

In volatile stock market times, investors are again focusing on the time-honored virtues of investing in stocks: stable business models, profits, cash flows, and dividends receive special attention. If a company can also announce investor-friendly buyback programs or splits, then it is usually a liquid and growing Company that has its investors in mind and is also prepared to share. In 2021, the payout ratio of the companies included in the German selection indices was around 42%. That means that almost half of the profits generated end up with the investor. Historically, this figure has fluctuated between 37 and 51%. We look at companies that stand out with special actions.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 20th, 2022 | 14:01 CEST

Rheinmetall, thyssenkrupp, Defense Metals: The scarce metals matter!

  • RareEarths
  • armaments

Some companies have been in the international spotlight since the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis. This is primarily because they are seen as having an important role in resolving and ending the armed conflict. It is generally assumed that the Ukrainian people can only free themselves from Russia's grip with international support. Thus, it is perfectly legitimate to make investments where no need has been seen in recent years. The peace dividend that has been withheld for years is likely now coming back into circulation - the Ministry of Defense is now rearming after years of consolidation! Who can profit from these orders?