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July 11th, 2022 | 15:29 CEST

What if everything turns out well? Nordex, Aspermont, Deutsche Bank

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The R-word is currently doing the rounds - and is playing a major role in ensuring that the downward economic spiral accelerates even faster. Yet the US economy is still doing well. Although economic data always refers to the past, the purchasing managers' index and labor market data speak a clear language. A recession looks different. But why is the stock market sky still not full of violins after last week's correction? We take three stocks as examples and do the comeback check for the stock market.

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    Nordex: No special boom

    Detached from all recession fears, the wind power plant manufacturer Nordex should trend upward. After all, wind power is the key to a sustainable future and could be the solution even in the medium term. During the G7 summit in Elmau, researchers from a think tank calculated that Germany could become independent of Russian energy by the end of the year if heat pumps were promoted and all wind turbines already approved were also built immediately. But that is not how it will happen. Just recently, an article in the German business weekly Wirtschaftswoche caused quite a stir, explaining Germany's entire bureaucratic chaos using various examples.

    It is not for nothing that Nordex is glad to have orders from other regions of the world. There, the approval of projects is faster, and possibly there are even further advantages compared to the German home market. So far, Nordex has not succeeded in becoming profitable. The cost-cutting measures have even led to the closure of production facilities in Germany. Although the Nordex share has recently surged, one swallow does not make a summer. Even if inflation falls and growth picks up again, Nordex would first have to expand its margins. The stock is not very promising at the moment.

    Deutsche Bank: Bet on a consistent turnaround in interest rates

    Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing has recently described inflation as "poison" for society and urged central banks to respond decisively. The ECB has so far announced a somewhat hesitant start to the interest rate turnaround. But there are also members of the ECB's Governing Council who emphasize internally that it is possible to deviate from the outlined course. A more significant rate hike on July 21 could signal to the market that the monetary guardians are taking up the fight against inflation. At the same time, however, a significant rate hike could feed concerns about a recession.

    From Deutsche Bank's point of view, rising interest rates would be favorable - after all, the bank earns money with loans, and if interest rates are well above 0, this automatically creates scope for low-risk business. In recent years, Deutsche Bank has sought its salvation in cyclical investment banking. If the ECB succeeds in conveying credibility in the fight against inflation while at the same time emphasizing that it does not want to stifle growth under any circumstances, Deutsche Bank's share price could pick up again. The share price currently only looks like a stock market loser, but above EUR 8.50, the chart picture brightens.

    Aspermont: Digital media company with more than 7 million contacts

    One company that has been trading at a constant level for many months and is seen as a growth hope is Aspermont. The digital media house publishes publications on all aspects of the commodity markets and thus has connections to industry and mining. When it comes to online training on specific markets, for example, buyers can quickly find solutions at Aspermont. The Company is also currently pushing ahead with a digital platform that will make it easier for investors to invest in companies on the Australian stock market. With the "Blue Horseshoe" platform, Aspermont, as a joint venture partner, brings together investors and companies seeking capital. Although the market environment is currently not the best for such a project, the current market phase should at least ensure that there is an ample supply on the platform - growth companies, in particular, are often desperate for capital.

    According to its own information, Aspermont has more than 7 million contacts and is a digital and thus scalable business that offers many synergies. For example, anyone who subscribes to publications on commodities or books training courses can also approach investors via "Blue Horseshoe". The share price has stabilized at its current level. If market sentiment brightens again, Aspermont, which has achieved a turnaround in recent years, should offer new potential.

    Even if market sentiment is currently conceivably poor, there is hope. If Russian gas flows again in the coming weeks and the warring parties come closer together, this should curb inflation. In turn, this could give the central banks the necessary security to master the required balancing act in the interest rate turnaround. Every bull market is born in panic. Investors with a clear compass can profit.

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    Nico Popp

    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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