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March 29th, 2022 | 13:34 CEST

Valneva, Triumph Gold, BioNTech - Gold rush mood in the pipeline

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While the Corona measures are eased in Spain, and the government lets symptom-free positive tested persons out of quarantine, Germany tightens again and extends the measures. This could create a gold-rush mood among BioNTech investors, as figures from the Mainz-based biotech Company will be announced on Wednesday. Valneva is also looking ahead with confidence to the first shipment of its liquid gold in the form of the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine. For investors with a more earthy disposition, it is a good idea to look at the real precious metals and gold deposits these days. For example, an investment in Canada's Triumph Gold Corporation offers copper and diamond deposits in addition to gold. The Company specializes in the discovery and development of gold and other valuable commodity deposits.

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    Steve Cope, President, CEO and Director, Silver Viper
    "[...] In our experience, the local communities are supportive and friendly. [...]" Steve Cope, President, CEO and Director, Silver Viper

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    Valneva - Bahrain receives emergency approval for COVID-19 vaccine VLA2001

    Valneva is also one of the COVID-19 vaccine producers. In contrast to the mRNA vaccines, the French-Austrian company relies on so-called dead vaccines. A dead vaccine contains killed pathogens. Once injected, the body recognizes these foreign pathogens and produces defensive substances to protect against possible disease outbreaks. mRNA vaccines, on the other hand, use the injected spike protein to ensure the body itself produces small portions of the pathogen.

    Now Valneva has sent its first doses of the inactivated vaccine to Bahrain in the Middle East. The island nation above Qatar, with a population of nearly 1.7 million, was granted "emergency approval" for the VLA2001 vaccine in early March, making it the first country in the world to approve this COVID-19 vaccine. The supplier of the vaccine is Valneva's plant in Sweden.

    In November 2021, Valneva signed an agreement with the European Commission to supply up to 60 million doses of VLA2001 over two years, including 24.3 million doses in 2022 and the remainder via options in 2023. Gold rushes come from long-term contracts with countries and a virus, which remains infectious with new mutants.

    Triumph Gold - New occurrence of precious metal at the Yukon

    Limited values like precious metals belong as an admixture in well-sorted portfolios. Classics such as gold and silver are suitable for risk-averse investors. Gold supply depends largely on the gold production from the corresponding mines. Gold mining shares offer an alternative to ETC or ETFs. One theory on the price of gold is that as the supply from the scrapings increases, so does the price of gold.

    According to an overview by Statista, Australia and Russia have the world's largest gold mine reserves at 11,000 tons and 6,800 tons, respectively. The US and Canada are also countries with high levels of mineral resources. For example, Canada's Triumph Gold Corporation (TIGCF) owns an area on the legendary Yukon River. The Company specializes in the discovery and development of gold and other valuable raw material deposits such as copper and diamonds.

    The Freegold Mountain gold-copper project is located in the Dawson Range, approximately 70km northwest of Carmacks, Yukon. Drilling on the area by Triumph Gold to date is promising. The more gold that is found, the higher the price of the share will go.

    The Yukon region in northwestern Canada is a paradise for nature lovers. Majestic mountain ranges, crisscrossed by endless rivers, invite hikers to explore the area themselves on the signposted hiking wagons or to walk directly along the Gold Rush Trail. And if you pass by the Dawson Range, you may have already invested in Triumph Gold.

    BioNTech - Exciting look towards quarterly figures

    BioNTech's German headquarters are located in Mainz on Goldgrube - Gold Mine. The street name could be symbolic of the upcoming full-year and fourth-quarter 2021 results on March 30, for which you can register here for the webcast.

    According to Reuters news agency, the German government plans to spend up to EUR 2.8 billion to secure production capacity for the COVID-19 vaccine. BioNTech is one of five partners with whom the German government is contracting. In addition to BioNTech, these include IDT, Celonic and the bidding consortia of CureVac/GSK and Wacker/Corden Pharma.

    At the national level, German companies BioNTech, CureVac and IDT Biologika (IDT) received funding from a special program to accelerate research and development by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In return, the federal government expects them to make a fair share of the production of an approved COVID-19 vaccine available for needs-based supply in Germany. BioNTech investors will know tomorrow at the latest to what extent vaccine production will be sufficient to remain on track for success. But BioNTech has more in the pipeline than just the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition to influenza, shingles and tuberculosis, the Company's pipeline is also well filled in the field of oncology.

    If it were up to the current German Minister of Health, Lauterbach, the pandemic would probably never end. Measures in the federal states are once again being extended through the loophole of hotspot regulations to contain the virus without any concrete indication. However, there is still a lack of valid data as to when prime ministers are allowed to declare their federal state or cities within it a so-called corona hotspot. The decision is made purely based on a gut feeling. On April 2, the measures are finally to be abolished in Germany. In Spain, on the other hand, anyone who tests positive for Corona is allowed to leave their quarantine since yesterday, provided they are symptom-free. That means the country is now treating COVID-19 similarly to influenza.

    Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking at long-term development pipelines and are subject to strict regulations until a new therapeutic makes a profit in the market. Current emergency approvals provide an exception, allowing both Valneva and BioNTech to bring their vaccines to market. In the case of BioNTech, contracts with governments secure the site in Mainz, Germany. Gold stocks such as Triumph Gold are performing similarly to the gold price. In the picturesque Yukon, the Company owns an area with gold, copper and diamond deposits. These will be mined in the future.

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