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September 29th, 2022 | 13:17 CEST

Up to 200% share price potential: Kion, BioNTech, Aspermont in analyst check

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The profit warning was a shock for Kion shareholders. Accordingly, the share price halved to EUR 20 in September alone. Now analysts are also slashing their estimates. The price targets for the forklift manufacturer are falling accordingly. Berenberg surprises with a high price target for the BioNTech share. At the same time, the analysts emphasize their hope for a continued generous dividend. Shareholders could thus be kept in good spirits until the next blockbuster. The roadshow of Aspermont in Germany has probably also created a good mood. At least the share price has jumped. The current consolidation could be an entry opportunity. Analysts see a price potential of over 200%.

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    Aspermont: A chance of tripling?

    The analysts at GBC Research believe that the Aspermont share has the potential to triple. The Australian B2B service provider for the raw materials industry has strong growth and a high gross margin. As a result, they cite a price target of AUD 0.11. Currently, Aspermont's stock is trading at AUD 0.025. The management of the B2B service provider was recently on a roadshow in Germany. Clearly, with success, as the share price made significant gains, rising to AUD 0.030. The current consolidation is quite healthy and could be used to enter the market. After all, the Company is growing significantly.

    GBC estimates that sales in the current year should climb from AUD 16.10 million to AUD 19.7 million. The gross margin is expected to remain stable at 67.5%. EBITDA is expected to increase from AUD 1.60 million to AUD 2.70 million. Aspermont's business model is based on B2B XaaS sales. The Company is developing an audience-customer ecosystem based on three revenue pillars: Content as a Service (CaaS), Data as a Service (DaaS) and Marketing as a Service (MaaS). The three platforms are built to interact with each other. This scalable model enables high margins and recurring revenue that is scalable across different industries, geographies and languages. As a result, GBC expects Aspermont to continue to achieve significant double-digit revenue and above-average earnings growth in the coming years. Aspermont is debt-free and has more than AUD 7 million in cash, corresponding to a good 20% of the market capitalization.

    BioNTech: Continuing high dividend?

    Since mid-January, the BioNTech share has been in a volatile sideways movement between EUR 120 and EUR 170. The analysts at Berenberg believe this is unjustified. Although the future revenue figure from the sale of the Corona vaccine is uncertain, and the quality of the development pipeline can also be discussed, Berenberg nevertheless sees the share positively. BioNTech, for example, has substantial cash reserves and is willing to share them with shareholders. Therefore, further high dividend payments are to be expected. Thus, the analysts recommend BioNTech stock as a buy with a price target of USD 312. Previously, Deutsche Bank had expressed more cautious views. The sales development in the year to date is below expectations, and no more price-driving news can be expected from the product pipeline this year. Their target price is USD 180.

    Kion: Price targets tumble

    Deutsche Bank also recommends a "hold" on the Kion share. After the latest profit warning, the price target was reduced from EUR 54 to EUR 32. In addition, the analysts have cut their earnings estimates for the forklift manufacturer for the current year by 62%. The experts at Deutsche Bank are also more cautious for the years ahead and reduced the forecasts by 35% on average. They say that regaining confidence will likely cost Kion's management several quarters. DZ Bank also believes it will take several quarters before investors regain the courage to buy Kion shares. They also reacted to the forklift manufacturer's surprisingly severe profit warning by reducing their price target from EUR 55 to EUR 31. However, the analysts are convinced of the longer-term prospects of Kion's business model and continue to recommend buying the stock. In particular, the warehouse automation segment is exciting and will contribute to the growth of the MDAX-listed group, they say. The Kion share is currently trading at just over EUR 20.

    Aspermont is strong in growth, debt-free and appears favorably valued. Also, given the current geopolitical and macroeconomic situation in Europe, the shares of the Australian company can be an interesting addition to the portfolio. BioNTech will likely remain driven by the Corona development in the coming months. A continued high dividend payout could keep shareholders happy until the next blockbuster. Kion has spoiled the mood of shareholders. Until they regain confidence, an operational ray of hope is needed.

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