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Ryan Jackson, CEO, Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.

Ryan Jackson
CEO | Newlox Gold Ventures Corp.
60 Laurie Crescent, V7S 1B7 West Vancouver (CAN)

+1 778 738 0546

Newlox CEO Ryan Jackson on building a green gold producer with a rapid growth trajectory

Nick Mather, CEO, SolGold PLC

Nick Mather
CEO | SolGold PLC
1 King Street, EC2V 8AU London (GB)

+44 20 3823 2125

SolGold CEO Nick Mather on building a major gold and copper mining company

Jared Scharf, CEO, Desert Gold Ventures Inc.

Jared Scharf
CEO | Desert Gold Ventures Inc.
4770 72nd St,, V4K 3N3 Delta (CAN)

Desert Gold Ventures CEO Jared Scharf on West Africa and its potential

22. September 2020 | 07:35 CET

NEL ASA, Newlox, Shell: golden profits with environmental protection

  • Environmental Protection

Future expectations for companies are valued into their prices on the stock exchange. Depending on the industry and business model, shares are either in high demand or 'out'. Conservative investors usually use valuation models to limit how much the value of a share can rise and under what premises. In practice, however, theoretical calculations can also be wrong, so they serve as a guide. The two classic cases are boom and crash. In one situation, the share price runs away from you and in the other case, the return comes under pressure.

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Mario Hose

Born and raised in Hannover, Lower Saxony follows social and economic developments around the globe. As a passionate entrepreneur and columnist he explains and compares the most diverse business models as well as markets for interested stock traders.

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Profits with environmental protection

The Canadian company Newlox is so far known in Europe by only a few investors. The management is focused on the processing of historical tailings. In Latin America, Newlox has already commissioned its first plant and has been cleaning the tailings of previous mining operations ever since. The activity is particularly lucrative in regions where gold was previously mined by simple means. These tailings can be particularly productive with modern equipment.

Newlox aims to combine ecological and social benefits with economic efficiency. The extraction of gold from tailings is associated with significantly lower costs than exploration work related to inferred reserves of new mines. The company's goal is to reach a turnover of eight to 12 million USD per year, as quickly as possible so that the costs for the construction of the plant are amortized swiftly.

Newlox's strategy to clean up contaminated sites not only involves state support but also plans to grow organically from its resources. The business model is particularly attractive at a gold price of USD 1,900.00 per troy ounce and it is therefore only a matter of time before further investors become aware of the share and the increasing awareness is reflected in the charts.

Catastrophic start to the week or incredible opportunity?

The week started disappointingly for the Norwegian plant manufacturer NEL ASA and the price correction from the previous week continued. The resignation of Nikola's founder and CEO can be seen as a catalyst for this development. NEL ASA maintains a close business relationship with the US Company and investors now fear that the changes initiated at Nikola could also harm the supplier of the hydrogen ecosystem.

Short sellers have not been squeamish with EX-Nikola CEO Trevor Milton and have pulled out all the stops to bring about this result. Whether it is an admission of guilt or Milton just wanted to protect the company from further defamation is still unclear. In a few weeks, we will certainly know more about the balance sheets at Nikola and the possible consequences at NEL ASA.

Now the profit lies in purchasing

There is currently hardly a more exciting industry than the oil industry. Shell shares are now trading not far from the level at which fears of the Corona pandemic peaked. While on the one hand the pharmaceutical industry, equipped with special permits and taxpayers' money, is working flat out on a vaccine against Covid-19, expectations for the energy sector have dropped significantly. This illogical dislocation offers now and today an entry opportunity into a developed and neglected industry.

John Jeffrey is the CEO of Saturn Oil & Gas from Canada who summed it up in a statement when he announced that in this market environment it is more worthwhile for him to acquire than to drill for oil himself. So it will only be a matter of time before oil producers are back in the focus of investors. Oil will still be needed for many decades to come, but many oil companies will not survive the current crisis because of the debt burden. Against this background, shares of Saturn Oil & Gas or Shell are particularly exciting in this market environment.


Mario Hose

Born and raised in Hannover, Lower Saxony follows social and economic developments around the globe. As a passionate entrepreneur and columnist he explains and compares the most diverse business models as well as markets for interested stock traders.

About the author

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30. September 2020 | 10:42 CET | by Mario Hose

Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Bigg Digital Assets: Getting off to a good start after a lean period

  • Environmental Protection

October 2020 will be uncomfortable for many entrepreneurs and banks in Germany. The reason for this is that the German government's special regulation in connection with the Corona Pandemic is expiring, and insolvent companies will have to file for bankruptcy. The aforementioned occurs when 10% of a company's liabilities cannot be paid within three weeks. But there are also rays of hope.


30. September 2020 | 09:33 CET | by Mario Hose

Beyond Meat, Nikola, Newlox: meat replacement, hydrogen, and green gold

  • Environmental Protection

The quest for a better world coupled with economic success motivates investors around the globe to participate in innovation and business ideas. These are often subjects that promote health and protect the environment. Those who think big and plan ahead receive the relevant attention. But everyone has started small at one time or another, so success stories also serve as inspiration for young and small companies with good ideas.


31. August 2020 | 05:55 CET | by Mario Hose

Ballard, Burcon, dynaCERT - stock market favorites with enormous upside potential

  • Environmental Protection

Investors love business models that are scalable and can change the world positively. Patents and profitability are then decisive factors for the amount of price gains. However, some business ideas also require patience, which can still be worthwhile, as we can see from three examples. Hydrogen, proteins and environmental protection will accompany us in the coming decades and with the right companies, investors will probably be able to achieve above-average share price gains. However, the momentum of the various stocks may vary over time and against this background diversification is particularly important for a forward-looking portfolio.