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February 11th, 2022 | 10:48 CET

Lufthansa, Kleos Space, Meta: The sky is NOT the limit

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Keep going, always keep going! What once drove Oliver Kahn to peak performance is also the motto of enterprising companies. Companies that make their products a little better every day or open up entirely new markets are not likely to be outdone by the competition any time soon. We look at three companies doing something special in their own way.

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    Lufthansa: The nose is pointing up again

    The Lufthansa share is rightly a rather dull standard stock. The airline suffered from the pandemic and the general skepticism about flying in the face of climate change. So what should be special about Lufthansa? While the world was looking at airline passenger traffic, the crane line scored with record figures in the cargo business. Even if the trend in goods traffic is toward self-sufficiency and redundancy, sometimes it does have to be "just-in-time" - Lufthansa benefits from this.

    During the pandemic, Lufthansa also put together several cost-cutting programs and intends, among other things, to get its subsidiary SWISS back on its feet. Although high debts still weigh on Lufthansa, the Company has already started to repay borrowed capital. The state has had no say in Lufthansa since last November. The share has gained almost 10% in the last five trading days alone and is just getting ready to take off. The EUR 8 and EUR 9 marks could be the next targets.

    Kleos Space: New cooperation for even more data from space

    While Lufthansa is about to take off, Kleos Space moves into entirely different spheres. The Company already has several satellites in orbit that can detect and analyze radio traffic on Earth. The data processed by Kleos Space is available to interested parties by subscription. What is the point? Above all, shipping companies, border guards, security agencies or even industrial companies with projects in endangered regions are happy to be one step ahead of pirates, smugglers or terrorists. In the past, tankers and freighters were often targets of pirates who hijacked entire ships, including crew and cargo. The damage plus ransom quickly runs into the millions - not to mention the trauma to the crew, which cannot be recouped in money. Thanks to Kleos Space's data, customers can better protect themselves against such situations.

    Most recently, Kleos Space partnered with Nasdaq-listed Satellogic. Satellogic specializes in high-resolution satellite imagery. With the new partnership, the two companies intend to offer customers radio data analysis, including matching imagery. "Satellogic is a complementary provider of geospatial data and analytics, and we are leveraging our joint products and technologies to win large government and commercial RFPs. Satellogic will be the lead in responding to RFPs, and we look forward to supporting them with our precise radio frequency geolocation data, Low Earth Orbit technology and industry expertise. We look forward to unlocking new opportunities in these datasets through the merger of these datasets, and we are confident that our customers, both government and corporate, will see significant benefits," said Eric von Eckartsberg, Chief Revenue Officer of Kleos Space. The agreement shows that Kleos Space is well on its way to establishing its service in the market. Another 8 satellites are scheduled to be launched into orbit before the end of the first half of the year. The business model is exciting and innovative. The share has been more expensive before.

    Meta: Making my world..

    When the engineers at Kleos Space are thinking in other spheres, the ideas remain down-to-earth - after all, the satellites and the business model work. It is a different story for the visionaries at Meta.

    The Facebook parent company does not want to conquer new markets but wants to create a new market for itself. The Metaverse will be a playground for all virtual activities in the future. While many users have turned their backs on the classic social networks or are using them less and less, the new parallel world is supposed to turn the tide for Facebook, or rather Meta, again.

    But while outer space offers tangible benefits that can be monetized on Earth, the success of the Metaverse is still written in the stars. The stock has lost about 30% of its value in the past five trading days. To date, there has been no significant rebound. Meta's lofty plans are not going down well on the stock market. In contrast, things are looking better for the high-flyers from Kleos Space: Although the Company is still in its infancy, it is making progress step by step.

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    Nico Popp

    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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