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Dr. Thomas Gutschlag, CEO, Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Dr. Thomas Gutschlag
CEO | Deutsche Rohstoff AG
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Interview Deutsche Rohstoff AG: "We can imagine additional investments in the field of electromobility."

Steve Cope, President, CEO and Director, Silver Viper

Steve Cope
President, CEO and Director | Silver Viper
1055 W Hastings St Suite 1130, V6E 2E9 Vancouver (CAN)


Interview with Silver Viper: Future price drivers and takeover fantasy

Karim Nanji, CEO, Marble Financial

Karim Nanji
CEO | Marble Financial
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Interview with Marble Financial: Fintech innovator plans expansion into the US

02. March 2021 | 11:27 CET

Freenet, Revez, Siemens - Share price drivers: digitalization and innovation!

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Different technologies and the Internet have massively changed our lives and will continue to do so. The pace of innovation is accelerating. Digitization is advancing in many facets, and information and data are being produced en masse. Innovations and the intelligent use of data are often at the core of successful companies. We report on three exciting stocks. Where should you get in now?

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Carsten Mainitz

The native Rhineland-Palatinate has been a passionate market participant for more than 25 years. After studying business administration in Mannheim, he worked as a journalist, in equity sales and many years in equity research.

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FREENET AG - Differences in self-perception and external perception

Anyone who bought shares in Freenet AG 1, 3 or 5 years ago is in the red. This fact is even more surprising, as the overall market performed much better. Mobile communications are the core business of the northern Germans. Since 2016, when the underperformance of the share started, the Group began to build up the second pillar, TV and media. Home entertainment (music and video offerings) and smart home applications are part of this.

According to its self-image, the Group is establishing itself as a "digital lifestyle provider" by combining the two business areas. Even if a multi-brand strategy (discount to premium) addresses the large customer group of 13 million in a differentiated manner, the question arises about how profitably the Company can manage the second pillar given the strong global providers (especially streaming providers).

On the plus side, the Company has significantly reduced its debt in recent months. The recently presented figures for the past fiscal year did not contain any major surprises. But many analysts do not see real growth in 2021 but rather a further decline in profits. Freenet sees things differently and wants to pay a dividend of EUR 1.50 per share and buy back its shares. The Freenet share is an example of how a well-sounding field of activity, such as that of a "digital lifestyle provider," does not necessarily produce happy shareholders.


The Singaporean Company was founded in 2010 and has since been at home in the areas of IP (intellectual property), innovations and the establishment of various brands. The holding Company sees itself as a "hub" where innovative concepts and solutions are created to lead to implementing a strategy superior to the competition.

Thus, the core of the Company's philosophy is to focus on IP. Intellectual Property, which includes industrial property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks, design rights, copyrights, etc., is synonymous with corporate DNA. The Group operates in the market with four brands, which are independent but generate synergies in the "hub".

The Singaporeans are active in many innovative business areas, including multimedia, information and communication technology, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cyber security. With a stock market value of around SGD 40 million, the title of the profitably operating Company is exciting.

SIEMENS AG - Market Leader in IoT Solutions

The large corporation is active in numerous business areas, often in one of the top ranks. Key areas include automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries (Digital Industries) and intelligent infrastructure in buildings and decentralized energy systems (Smart Infrastructure).

With the next "stage" of the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), the focus is now shifting to communication between networked devices. The resulting flood of data must be intelligently channeled and used. With the IoT-as-a-Service solution MindSphere, which uses advanced analytics and AI, the Group is a global leader. The cloud-based open IoT platform helps companies connect products, plants, systems and machines.

Siemens is truly a top dog in many business sectors. Investors here are investing in a stable and well-positioned blue chip.


Carsten Mainitz

The native Rhineland-Palatinate has been a passionate market participant for more than 25 years. After studying business administration in Mannheim, he worked as a journalist, in equity sales and many years in equity research.

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In accordance with §34b WpHG we would like to point out that Apaton Finance GmbH as well as partners, authors or employees of Apaton Finance GmbH may hold long or short positions in the aforementioned companies and that there may therefore be a conflict of interest. Apaton Finance GmbH may have a paid contractual relationship with the company, which is reported on in the context of the Apaton Finance GmbH Internet offer as well as in the social media, on partner sites or in e-mail messages. Further details can be found in our Conflict of Interest & Risk Disclosure.

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12. April 2021 | 11:30 CET | by Stefan Feulner

JinkoSolar, REVEZ, Alibaba - Welcome to the new world!

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Exit restrictions, contact blocks, tightened lockdowns - without a doubt, Covid-19 has been an accelerating force for adopting and advancing digital technologies. Video conferencing, Internet shopping and home offices are part of the new normal. Even virtual tours, events or congresses now run over the net. Companies that want to survive in the future should put their business on a digital footing. The technology companies that cover the new technologies will become the stock market stars of tomorrow.


09. April 2021 | 08:25 CET | by Carsten Mainitz

IBM, REVEZ, CLIQ Digital - Digital stocks for analog profit!

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Today's world is becoming increasingly digital. Especially in times of Corona, many people realize the advantages of electronic life. School lessons for the children, ordering food and banking transactions can all be done conveniently from home. Digital communication is linking people worldwide. Every trading partner is just a mouse click away. Three things are crucial for digital transformation: infrastructure, content and people who know how it works. The following three stocks cover exactly these areas and are gold for the portfolio for other reasons too.


30. March 2021 | 08:20 CET | by André Will-Laudien

REVEZ, GameStop, Tencent: Watch out! Things are getting interesting here!

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The "stock market" ecosystem faces new challenges every day. A few weeks ago, the artificial short squeeze in GameStop stock led to the most extensive trading dislocations in US stock market history. Even the Senate had to initiate a special investigation into the events, and today, we are still missing final clarification of how it can come to 1000% deflections. Gigantic turnovers of over 2500 trades per minute brought even modern trading systems to the limits of feasibility. If we had not experienced true leaps in digitization in recent years, everything would probably be collapsing now under the flood of data and remote work requirements.