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May 25th, 2022 | 10:44 CEST

All eyes on Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank - but Aspermont has the greatest leverage

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The two best-known German banks are currently in demand on the market. Why? The interest rate turnaround means that the typical bread-and-butter business with loans is profitable again. Business picks up when banks have room to manoeuvre with interest rates in positive territory. Also, the increasingly weaker environment for corporate financing at the upper end of the risk scale ensures that banks take on a more critical role as traditional intermediaries. We take a closer look at Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank, but we also have an exciting second-tier stock on our list that could become an insider tip thanks to its unique selling propositions and growth potential.

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    Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank: Lagarde is in a good mood

    Deutsche Bank's share price has risen significantly in recent days. However, on a one-year horizon, it still stands at a loss of around 17%. The latest upward trend stems from statements by ECB chief Christine Lagarde, who has held out the prospect of an end to the bond-buying program - in return, interest rates in the eurozone could rise as early as this summer. That is good news for banks: On the one hand, an asset class that had almost been forgotten is coming back to life in the form of bonds, and on the other hand, capital is earning money again.

    Prices beyond EUR 10 are positive for investors; then, the value could go back into an upward trend. However, investors should keep in mind that Deutsche Bank is more of a large tanker than a nimble speedboat. However, there is potential in any case - also with a view to the entire financial sector. Also exciting is the Commerzbank share, where, significantly, Deutsche Bank recently issued a buy recommendation. The reason for the recommendation is the already increased net interest income.

    Aspermont: Financing platform comes at the right time

    Banks and other players in the financial sector need to be aware of the new potential that is emerging. In recent years, large corporations, in particular, have often been driven by short-term profit targets and have positioned themselves leanly. However, once business relationships have fallen asleep, they can no longer be exploited when the sun shines again. The situation is different at Aspermont. The Australian media company, with offices around the globe, publishes Mining Magazine and other venerable publications that are recognized industry journals for the mining sector. What sounds like a somewhat dusty daily newspaper has been digital at Aspermont for many years. It is tailored to the needs of producers, suppliers, and buyers from industry and investors.

    From these long-standing business relationships, Aspermont draws the potential to initiate new business areas effectively. The Company recently announced the Blu Horseshoe platform, allowing investors to participate in rounds of company financing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The process is digital and transparent, offering investors cost benefits above all. Participating companies benefit because their investor base increases, and the process for investors is greatly simplified. At the same time, the platform aims to democratize direct investments in growth companies - from deals between networks to an open market.

    Aspermont is thus poaching in the territory of brokers and banks. The advantage of this digital business is that it can possibly even be transferred to other markets - growth companies worldwide are looking for capital. High inflation is forcing investors to look for opportunities on the stock market even in economically uncertain times. While traditional banks, such as Commerzbank, invest only to a limited extent in growth projects, at Aspermont, the share of these investments plays a greater role in terms of the expected potential. Investors can see opportunities in this. The Aspermont share currently seems to have found a bottom.

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    Nico Popp

    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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