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April 12th, 2024 | 07:00 CEST

AI in healthcare with Evotec, Defence Therapeutics, Bayer: Revolutionary advances and medical breakthroughs

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining momentum in the healthcare sector. AI-based systems can use medical databases to save valuable time in research, enabling companies like Defence Therapeutics to go to market faster than others. In oncology research, the Canadian company has just achieved a breakthrough that gives hope to many cancer patients. AI-assisted diagnoses allow diseases to be detected earlier and treated more effectively, leading to improved quality of life for patients. Precision medicine in strong partnership networks is Evotec's focus. The share is particularly popular with hedge fund managers. Analyzing medical images and data in real-time and detecting even the smallest deviations or anomalies is the top priority for Bayer AG in collaboration with Google Cloud. Which companies are convincing investors the most?

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    David Elsley, CEO, Cardiol Therapeutics Inc.
    "[...] As a company dedicated to developing treatments for rare heart diseases, we see this as an opportune moment to contribute to the fight against heart disease and make meaningful strides in improving heart health worldwide. [...]" David Elsley, CEO, Cardiol Therapeutics Inc.

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    Evotec: Is the growth breakthrough imminent?

    Modern medicine still largely functions according to the "one size fits all" principle. Until recently, drugs and vaccines were mainly tested on men. This has had a detrimental impact on the health outcomes of women worldwide. Scientists assumed that apart from height, weight and reproductive organs, there were no fundamental differences between men's and women's bodies. As a result, many medications are only effective in around 50% of patients.

    Reason enough to take targeted steps towards more precision medicine. With evolutionary (bio)technology. This is the vision of Evotec, which co-founder Manfred Eigen brought to life. Evotec SE is a global drug discovery and development partner in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The Company develops products in various therapeutic areas, such as neuroscience, metabolic diseases, oncology, respiratory diseases and women's health.

    Medical professionals need to better understand Diseases and their causes. According to the Company presentation, over 30% of the world's population has an increased risk of cancer. Drug safety remains a major concern: 60% fail in Phase I clinical trials.

    Evotec's business model of continuous commercial partnerships in co-creation now seems to be slowly paying off. Currently, the Company cooperates with 500 active partners, with the top 10 partners generating around 38% of Evotec's revenues, 92% are recurring business and 118 of the 500 partners deliver over EUR 1 million in revenues p.a.

    Several hedge funds have recently modified their holdings of Evotec shares. OLD Mission Capital LLC, Mubadala Investment Co PJSC, Optiver Holding B.V. and Quadrant Capital Group LLC acquired new positions or increased their existing positions.

    Defence Therapeutics: Breakthrough in cancer research with promising potential

    Defence Therapeutics has successfully tested a new anti-cancer vaccine called ARM-002TM. It uses the leading anti-cancer molecule AccuTOX® and achieved an 80% complete response in tests on melanoma models when combined with an immune checkpoint inhibitor. Compared to conventional treatments, this vaccine can trigger specific immune responses that fight tumors and provide long-term protection.

    AccuTOX® is based on Accum™ technology. This technology revolutionizes cancer treatment by delivering drugs specifically and efficiently to infected cells. The unique Accum™ technology platform achieves a 10-fold higher rate of drug delivery compared to current solutions. It has a more effective, targeted dosing and is more powerful in the fight against tumors. This medical milestone makes Accum™ a scalable global solution for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

    The Defence Therapeutics researchers also plan to test the vaccine in ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Data Bridge Market Research estimates that the solid tumor market will be worth USD 209.61 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow to USD 901.27 billion by 2029, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2029.

    The experienced management team at Defence Therapeutics has many years of expertise in capital markets, finance, biochemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology and immunology. Dr. Moutih Rafei, Chief Scientific Officer and Director of Defence Therapeutics is an expert in the field of immuno-oncology with extensive experience in T-cell development, stem cell biology, cancer immunotherapy and autoimmune diseases. He has received over 20 awards and recognitions, and his research has led to numerous publications and patents. Dr. Rafei will be available to answer questions from interested investors after his live presentation at the upcoming 11th International Investment Forum on April 17. Click here for the program overview and free registration.

    Joint venture: Bayer and Google Cloud focus on AI in imaging diagnostics for more precise diagnoses

    Bayer AG and Google Cloud announced this week that they are developing an AI platform to help radiologists diagnose patients faster and process cases more efficiently.

    The platform's generative AI detects anomalies in images that radiologists examine and can also retrieve relevant information from the patient's medical history. For example, when a patient comes in for an annual breast cancer screening, the platform can detect current issues, compare the image with previous screenings, and summarize this information. This creates a more comprehensive picture of the patient's data, aiding doctors in diagnosis.

    The goal is to make the information radiologists need easily accessible and relieve them of spending 15 or 20 minutes searching through patient files. Medical image data makes up around 90% of all health data. They are an important tool for diagnosing patients and their diseases.

    Billions of radiological images are captured worldwide every year, increasing the workload for healthcare professionals. Many new AI tools are required to manage this flood of data efficiently. A first test version will be available in the EU and the US later this year. This partnership has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by improving outcomes, reducing costs and increasing the speed of innovation.

    The increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare promises a revolution in medical care. AI-based systems can use medical databases to save precious time in research, allowing companies like Defence Therapeutics to bring innovative solutions to market faster. A recent breakthrough in oncology research by the Canadian company will be presented live by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Moutih Rafei to participating investors at the 11th International Investment Forum digital conference. Click here to go to registration. Evotec is commercially diversified with over 500 strong drug discovery partnerships. With a strong pipeline and a proven success model, Evotec appears to be an attractive investment for investors looking for long-term growth. Various hedge funds have increased their stakes in Evotec shares. The collaboration between Bayer and Google Cloud for AI-powered diagnostic imaging promises faster and more accurate diagnosis by radiologists. This partnership has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by improving outcomes, reducing costs and increasing the speed of innovation. Shares in healthcare companies belong in every well-diversified portfolio. All three companies deserve a closer look.

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