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January 20th, 2022 | 13:21 CET

Activision Blizzard, CoinAnalyst, Bitcoin Group: Metaverse - the discovery of a new world

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Educators and psychologists raised a finger when people stopped leaving their homes more than a decade ago because they were immersed in the depths of the game World of Warcraft. Escaping into parallel worlds could only have disadvantages, they said. In reality, it makes little sense for children, in particular, to lose themselves in virtual fantasy worlds. But the trend is toward a second existence in virtual space. We present three stocks that can profit from conquering the new world.

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    Activision Blizzard: USD 69 billion for a new world

    When Microsoft made its billion-dollar offer for game maker Activision Blizzard, the distant future probably played a big role. In this distant future, people move as a matter of course in a virtual parallel world, enjoy life, entertain themselves and even invest. While Alphabet and Facebook have always been eager to invest in emerging communities, Microsoft has often missed this train. Remember the time around ten years ago - Facebook was the top dog in social networks, and Google countered the plan at least a little with Google+. Microsoft, on the other hand, remained completely pale. Things are set to change in the future.

    The roughly USD 69 billion for Activision Blizzard could be capital well invested for Microsoft. Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp was also ridiculed at the time because of the high takeover price. Today, only Mark Zuckerberg is still laughing. In 2020, Activision Blizzard sold computer games for USD 8 billion - and the trend is rising. Since Microsoft, with its Xbox game console, also needs more and more new games, the purchase is already paying off. On top of that, there is the fantasy that Activision Blizzard will create virtual worlds where people will prefer to spend their time in the future. What this fantasy is worth can hardly be quantified today. But since Activision Blizzard is to be taken off the stock market at a price below its all-time high, the deal does not seem so bad. Microsoft thus consolidates its position and could finally really take off after defeats around social networks and smartphones.

    CoinAnalyst: Security in the Metaverse as a future topic

    One company that could play a significant role in the Metaverse is CoinAnalyst. The Company collects data around cryptocurrencies and NFTs and evaluates it. In this way, fake news and scams are to be identified in time, and secure business is to be made possible. If one believes the visions around the Metaverse, this approach could be lucrative. The new virtual worlds offer a wide range of opportunities. Even investments and consumption play a role in the Metaverse. Already today, collectors buy digitized sneakers, NFTs on watches or funny and, above all, rare avatars. Even if it may sound absurd to many people over 40, the desire for status and prestige remains even in virtual worlds.

    However, to identify black sheep here and not spend expensive money on worthless data garbage, the support of professionals is needed. In late November, CoinAnalyst announced a comprehensive sentiment analysis around AI-based NFTs. "2021 is the year of the meteoric rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The data we collected shows a clear correlation between passion and investment, especially for NFTs. As enthusiasm for a particular art increases, so does the price. The addition of these indicators means our sentiment analysis will be big as Web 3.0 becomes more prevalent," said Andrew Sazama, COO of CoinAnalyst. The Company is still young, but it already has a foot in the door in an emerging market. The stock has hovered between EUR 0.10 and EUR 0.20 in German trading. If the crypto market gets going again and the gold-rush sentiment around the Metaverse continues to run rampant, the stock could be an attractive speculative option.

    Bitcoin Group: Crypto sets itself free

    The Bitcoin Group share has also long been considered an interesting option. However, the German company's stock has lost about 36% in the past year. Nevertheless, things are moving forward operationally at Bitcoin Group. Together with its banking subsidiary, the trading platform enabled the trading of pure cryptocurrency pairs. Users can trade ETH / BTC, for example, and no longer have to take the detour via fiat currencies. The crypto market is thus making itself increasingly independent of the rest of the economic system. Bitcoin Group is well positioned with its bank and diverse offerings around crypto and blockchain. However, the Company is also already ambitiously valued.

    With the Metaverse, parallel worlds will emerge in the future in which reality and fiction will become increasingly blurred. There are already indications that the parallel world will not be a playground but a place where tangible transactions can be conducted. The operators of these virtual worlds, trading centers, and specialized security and information providers can therefore profit. While conservative investors should focus on larger stocks, small caps like CoinAnalyst can be the icing on the cake for speculators.

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    Nico Popp

    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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