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April 20th, 2022 | 11:34 CEST

SAP, Kleos Space, TeamViewer - Profiting from technological progress

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It is a first in world history. The currently ongoing Ukraine conflict is the first major war in which commercially available satellite imagery plays an important role in providing information about troop movements, military buildups in neighboring countries, and refugee flows. These images are provided by private satellite companies, which provide global geolocation data as a service using AI-powered technology and deliver it to customers such as governments, intelligence agencies or insurance companies. The market for satellite-based data is growing enormously, and company valuations still promise significant upside potential.

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    Kleos Space - Next level reached

    Parallel to the launch of its third satellite cluster, the share price also rose into higher spheres. After a correction of more than 30% in this stock market year alone and a low of EUR 0.34, the share price peaked at around EUR 0.50. At EUR 0.52, a broad resistance zone awaits. Should this be broken, the high for the year at EUR 0.71 should be mentioned again as a target corridor. The analysts at First Berlin believe that the data-as-a-service company is worth AUD 2.60, which would mean a more than fourfold increase to EUR 1.77. The launch of the third Kleos service is expected to result in a further increase in the share price.

    With the launch of the third Kleos satellite cluster onboard SpaceX's Transporter-4 mission, global data coverage capacity has been increased by 119 million sq km per day. In addition, the Patrol Mission satellites have additional spectrum sensing capabilities that enable geolocation of X-band radar transmissions in the 8500-9600 MHz range. X-band maritime radar is typically used for collision avoidance aboard ships, even when positioning systems such as the Automatic Identification System (AIS) are turned off. The deployment will grow Kleos' constellation in low Earth orbit to 12 satellites and increase average daily overflights over key areas of interest to its customer bases, such as the area between 15 degrees north and south latitudes of the equator, to about five times per day.

    Vincent Furia, CTO of Kleos, said, "Each new cluster has greater data acquisition and geolocation capacity. The addition of X-band geolocation capability will provide customers with greater consistency and accuracy, allowing them to locate vessels emitting X-band radar signals, such as those involved in illegal activities and evading automatic identification systems (AIS). While our initial Scouting Mission satellites focused on mid-latitudes, including the South China Sea, the Vigilance and Patrol satellites expanded our capabilities and provided global coverage. Additional clusters increase the volume of geolocation data available to our customers and its value in establishing livelihoods and better detecting illegal activities such as drug and human smuggling, border security issues, and piracy."

    The fourth cluster is scheduled to start as early as the second quarter. As a result, the data packages, which are processed into finished data packages with the help of AI-supported technology, are even more valuable for customers such as government, authorities, insurance companies, coast guards or shipping companies. Currently, the stock market value of Kleos Space is EUR 70.72 million. Given the geopolitical situation, the Luxembourg-based company could play an important role in the near future.

    TeamViewer - Trending south

    After the downturn due to several downward forecast adjustments, the share price of TeamViewer, a company that develops software for remote access and remote control and maintenance of computers and other end devices, is not getting back on its feet. The Goeppingen-based company is currently trading at EUR 12.66, and the trend is again pointing towards the year's lows at EUR 11.43. If this support does not hold, the next test would be the all-time low at EUR 10.71. Strong figures for the first quarter, expected on May 4, could provide relief.

    Operationally, TeamViewer recently announced that its connectivity solution is now integrated into SoftBank Commerce & Service's professional drones. The images or video captured by the drone can be streamed seamlessly to multiple, remotely connected devices via a 4G or LTE cellular network. Images from other devices, such as infrared cameras for temperature measurements or LiDARs, can also be transmitted and streamed via the solution. "Streaming aerial imagery in real-time enables people in different parts of the world to collaborate efficiently in exploring remote locations," says Sojung Lee, president of APAC at TeamViewer.

    SAP - On the cutting edge

    The chart situation could also be better for the Walldorf-based software group. At EUR 96.32, the stock is trading just above its low for the year at EUR 94.48. A drop below this level would likely result in a test of the EUR 90 mark.

    The fact that SAP is likely to say goodbye to Russia is not very conducive to rising prices. Sales have already been stopped, but the DAX company could withdraw completely. "We are examining how to make the structured withdrawal from Russia," Supervisory Board Chairman Hasso Plattner told "Handelsblatt". Despite the tense situation, Warburg Research analysts see a buy candidate and reiterated the price target of EUR 135.

    Satellite-based technologies are playing an important role for the first time with regard to the Ukraine conflict. In this context, companies such as Kleos Space deliver data packages to customers such as governments or intelligence agencies and are likely to profit in the future. For TeamViewer and SAP, there is danger in the short term due to the technical situation.

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