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November 3rd, 2022 | 10:50 CET

Pathfinder Ventures, TUI, Meta - What is worth investing in now

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The prices of tech stocks such as Meta, Alphabet and even Microsoft fall during periods of high-interest rates. The US Federal Reserve has strengthened the dollar, but exchange rate fees for internationally positioned companies are hurting profits. One complimentary to tech is the Canadian company Pathfinder Ventures. It operates state-of-the-art camping resorts in beautiful Canada and has seen a 47% increase in bookings for winter vacations. The 47% occupancy rate also represents a 9% increase over last year. Far from the buzzing server rooms and flickering office ceiling lights, families can relax in the great outdoors without sacrificing WiFi and other modern conveniences. Camping is the ideal alternative to package tour companies like TUI AG. The latter is currently cleaning up its board because the aftermath of the Corona pandemic is still ongoing.

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    Joe Bleackley, CEO, Pathfinder Ventures Inc.
    "[...] In addition to campsite fees, Pathfinder Ventures has put itself in a position to offer all of these sought-after camping solutions. The only thing they don't sell is the RV itself. [...]" Joe Bleackley, CEO, Pathfinder Ventures Inc.

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    Pathfinder Ventures - 96% occupancy in growing RV market

    High inflation has Europe firmly in its grip. Those who want to spend vacations with family in their own country have to swallow hard. Both vacation accommodations and restaurant meals are moving into price dimensions that do little to relax average earners. Camping is a price-conscious alternative. But how does one know whether a mobile accommodation suits one at all? Even motorhomes have increased in price when purchased new. In addition to the five-figure investment in a new purchase, there are other challenges, such as permanent pitch costs and insurance. It also remains open whether one generally wants to undertake this type of vacation in the future.

    The Canadian Company Pathfinder Ventures offers a solution for all who want to combine a relaxing vacation with a nature experience and test camping. The team develops contemporary facilities in the most beautiful places in Canada with all the modern comforts that guests today do not want to miss.

    Recreational Vehicle (RV) resorts can be found on picturesque crystal-clear lakes surrounded by colorful forests. Pathfinder Ventures has made it its mission to grow economically from the rising trend of traveling, living and vacationing by RV. Current booking numbers prove the high demand: a 47% occupancy rate results from its successful winter stay program. Snow lovers from across Canada are choosing Pathfinder Camp Resorts for their winter stay. 96% of the Winter Stay Program sites are reserved to date. Pathfinder continues to look for opportunities to expand its winter stay capacity in the coming seasons. By Q1 2023, the Company expects occupancy to exceed 50%.

    "These numbers are encouraging as we continue to see growth in what we call the off-season at all of our resorts," says Joe Bleackley, CEO of Pathfinder. "The desire for winter camping is increasing every year, and we are well positioned to be a leader in winter RV camping in British Columbia."

    With three RV resort parks currently operating, Pathfinder Ventures is focused on expanding its network of upscale, family-friendly RV parks and campgrounds curated under the Pathfinder Camp Resorts brand. Getting on first-name terms with the moose around the corner is a great way to unwind.

    The RV and motorhome market is growing steadily. In 2021, it was valued at USD 48.89 billion and is expected to reach USD 76.12 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.66% during the forecast period (2022 - 2027). COVID-19, demonetization, and the energy price explosion are leading vacation travelers to return increasingly to the privacy of a mobile home in well-maintained, modern facilities equipped with WiFi. For investors, the share is an investment whose development is also a pleasure. A private visit to one of the resorts gives the portfolio even more life, in addition to the annual general meetings.

    TUI - Staff shortage at airports continues to cloud share price

    On the other hand, all-around carefree package tour provider TUI continues to feel the aftermath of the pandemic. Be it staff shortages at airports, which mean long waiting times for TUI travelers, or the general rise in airfares, because pretty much everyone is looking to get away after the Corona restrictions and spend their vacation in another country. Those who opt for a TUI vacation expect quality and a sense of well-being right from the check-in terminal. The brand had to accept considerable losses.

    TUI's Supervisory Board has now confirmed a reorganization of TUI's Executive Board and Group Executive Committee. The changes are intended to improve the customer experience and quality, drive forward digital processes and anchor the airline business directly in the Group's executive committee. Thus, IT and Future Markets Board Member Frank Rosenberger is taking his hat off and leaving the segment to CEO Sebastian Ebel as of November 1. He wants to dovetail operational IT units with TUI's national companies and business areas in a way that is close to the market. Accordingly, responsibility for business-related IT areas will move to the business segments: David Burling, CEO Markets & Airlines, Peter Krüger, CEO Holiday Experiences and Chief Strategy Officer, and Erik Friemuth, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director TUI Hotels & Resorts. The personnel reshuffle has been in place since November 1 online.

    Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI, explains: "Digitization remains a top priority for the Group. We have a very ambitious digitization strategy and a clear implementation roadmap. With the new setup, we want to start operational implementation even faster and more efficiently."

    In short, the divisions will be streamlined, more centralized, and personnel streamlined through dual roles. Investors may be curious to see how the Hanover-based company will price in the increased energy prices in its other operating businesses.

    Meta - Virtual travel remains in development mode for now

    In the near future, students will be able to travel back in time via the Metaverse, for example, to experience the hustle and bustle of the Forum Romanum marketplace first-hand. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reaffirmed his commitment to invest in the development of the Metaverse. **Meta's Reality Labs unit, responsible for developing the virtual reality and related augmented reality technology that underlies plans for the Metaverse, has lost USD 9.4 billion this year.

    According to Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley is downgrading the former Facebook stock. The future looks more thorny than bright, at least in the short term. For Q4 2022, Meta is projecting revenue between USD 30.0 billion and USD 32.5 billion - below analysts' expectations of USD 32.2 billion. YOY, Q4 2021 revenue was USD 33.7 billion. It is expected to be the third YOY revenue decline. One of the reasons is due to the actions of the US Federal Reserve. It has raised interest rates and thus strengthened the US dollar. Its value has risen against almost all other currencies this year, reducing profits outside the USA. The exchange rate conversion back to the domestic US currency melts profits. Also, the high inflation rate is another reason why tech stocks like Meta, Alphabet and Microsoft are posting declines in their earnings.

    According to Times, the rapid rise in interest rates has led investors to question closely whether stocks from a low-interest rate environment that is doing well will continue to thrive in a higher interest rate environment. It seems tech stocks are generally less lucrative as investments in a high-interest rate environment, mostly because of high debt. Let's hope that Zuckerberg's research and development efforts bear fruit soon. The Meta share is currently trading at around EUR 95.72.

    In a bear market like this, investors would do well to restructure their portfolios to continue to see growth. Tech stocks like Meta are going through periods of stagnation for the first time in a long time. High inflation, a strong US dollar and the energy crisis in Europe are leading to treasures like Pathfinder Ventures in Canada. The desire to vacation comfortably in nature at an ideal price-performance ratio is highly popular among families and couples. The young company's booking figures prove this, as do the positive CAGR forecasts for the RV and motorhome market. This lucrative niche is enjoying increasing popularity according to the Caravaning Industry Association in Germany, Europe and worldwide. The unbroken desire to travel is also causing TUI AG to focus more on quality. Restructuring and increased digitization are the first consequences.

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