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September 30th, 2021 | 10:32 CEST

Nordex, TalkPool, Varta: Where things could soon be looking up again

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Technology is changing our lives. Anyone who builds a house today thinks along the lines of sensors and networked control units. Thermostats can be used to create a pleasant indoor climate and save energy at the same time. Even windows can be equipped with sensors. Not to mention the endless possibilities for home security. The private sector is thus experiencing what has already begun in industry under the buzzword Industry 4.0. Since this trend is far from over, it is worth taking a closer look at companies around digital and sustainable technologies.

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    Nordex: Entering the uptrend with new profitability?

    A typical sustainable representative of the German industry is Nordex. The wind turbine manufacturer offers everything from simple wind turbines to large turbines with an output of up to 2,500 kW and has made further technological advances in recent years. Among other things, they developed Delta4000, a new platform that is now dominant in new projects. The positive side effects: Margins increase, and customers benefit from improved technology. In general, technology can make a big difference in wind turbines. Sensors can detect icing and other weather influences and automatically switch on heating systems as needed, for example. In this way, maintenance intervals can be extended and damage to plants prevented.

    The spirit of the times also fits well with Nordex's development - there is no way around green energy anymore. And what is the stock doing? It has been consolidating for three months. The current downward trend could also take the stock below the EUR 14 mark. Below this level, however, more and more investors are likely to return to Nordex step by step. The Company is listed in the MDAX, has full order books and has also stabilized its margins.

    TalkPool makes buildings smart and green

    The Swiss TalkPool Group has also taken a positive development. The Company specializes in making buildings more climate-friendly utilizing sensors. TalkPool also has an eye on water damage and can detect it quickly thanks to sensor technology. It enables real estate operators to take action and counteract in good time. TalkPool is thus addressing a trend that already exists in the real estate industry. Saving energy with innovative solutions is the order of the day - and can be particularly worthwhile for companies that have to pay attention to their carbon footprint.

    A second mainstay for TalkPool is to integrate cell towers into the environment better and anchor them in the ground just as well as before, using less material. The figures for the past few quarters have also shown that these business areas are promising - between the first and second quarters, the Group's sales increased by 28%. The margin also grew decently to 6.1%. Given the attractive business segment and the relative unfamiliarity of the stock, investors can make a note of TalkPool.

    Varta: Is the juice running out here?

    Many investors have also made a note of the Varta share - but then things turned out differently. Varta was considered for months as the German share for electric mobility. The specialist for button cells and other batteries certainly has the know-how to also produce good batteries for e-cars. However, some sobering analyst comments and the already sizeable international competition have weighed on the share price. Over a period of three months, the share price has fallen by more than 20%. The share price is now even slightly below the level of a year ago. Where do things go from here?

    Although more and more carmakers are switching their production to e-cars, Varta is hardly benefiting from this. Only recently, Ford also announced its intention to invest around USD 11 billion in e-mobility. The Varta share nevertheless acknowledged this with slight losses. Given the market sentiment and the increasing certainty that part of the e-car pie may already have been distributed, investors should steer clear of Varta. An upward trend looks different.

    While Nordex and TalkPool are also away from an upward trend, the market has so far distributed less advance praise around both companies than around Varta. Nordex is benefiting from the general sustainability trend and has been working on its profitability. The same applies to TalkPool, which has recently been able to increase its figures. In the case of TalkPool, there is also the fantasy surrounding 5G and sustainable construction.

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    Nico Popp

    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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