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June 16th, 2023 | 07:00 CEST

Defiance Silver Corp., BASF, Ballard Power - Precious metals drive renewable energy to peak performance

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Silver is essential to booming industries and is characterized by high conductivity of heat and electricity. Defiance Silver Corp., a Canadian exploration company, has achieved the broadest and highest-grade mineralization to date in its drilling at the San Acacio project in Mexico. Results from 4 of the 6 drill holes confirm the promising potential in the Veta Grande area. Meanwhile, BASF is collaborating with a Chinese green shipping partner to deploy its onboard CO2 capture system for decarbonization. Ballard Power is considering just the opposite. The Canadian battery manufacturer has doubts about China being a reliable partner. The call for money in the form of government subsidies makes them hesitant.

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    Humphrey Hale, CEO, Managing Geologist, Carnavale Resources Ltd.
    "[...] Our projects are at the initial, high reward exploration stage. [...]" Humphrey Hale, CEO, Managing Geologist, Carnavale Resources Ltd.

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    Sensational silver discovery in Veta Grande: Defiance Silver Corp. achieves largest drilling result to date

    Silver is a valuable metal for current booming industries. Silver is known for its high thermal and electrical conductivity and is used in batteries, LED chips, semiconductors, and touch screens, as well as in medical technology, photovoltaics, and water treatment, just to name a few examples. The largest silver deposits are mined in Mexico (128 million ounces), Peru (116 million ounces) and China (99 million ounces).

    Defiance Silver Corporation is a junior exploration and development company based in Vancouver. In Mexico, the team has projects in the states of Zacatecas and Michoacán. Defiance is focused on the development of gold-copper mineral resources and silver deposits. The Zacatecas project areas are between the municipalities of Veta Grande, Sauceda de la Borda and Panuco. There is access to water and electricity, so drilling is proceeding smoothly at Veta Grande.

    Now Defiance has the results of 4 drill holes from a total of 6. Drilling has intersected the highest grade strength and the broadest mineralization to date at the San Acacio Project. Drill hole DDSA-23-66 returned the greatest width to date: 41.83 metres grading 157.30 g/t silver (from 225.60 m to 267.43 m), including 15.96 m grading 379.90 g/t silver (from 251.47 m to 267.43 m). Within this interval is a sub-interval grading 5510 g/t Ag or 6014 g/t AgEq silver from 265.54 m to 265.80 m. The Defiance team is pleased with these encouraging results, which confirm the hypothesis that additional very high-grade mineralization is present in the Veta Grande area.

    "We are extremely encouraged by the continued success of our drilling campaigns at the San Acacio Project. As a result of careful targeting and modeling work leading to several successful phases of drilling, our technical team has demonstrated the continued potential for a large mineral system within the historic San Acacio mine area on the Veta Grande vein system." Chris Wright, Chairman & CEO.

    Joint Venture: BASF and CPGC accelerate development to reduce CO2 from shipping

    Chinese Marine Service Group CGPG and BASF are collaborating to accelerate the development of an onboard CO2 capture system for shipping. The goal is to provide green and low-carbon solutions. The partnership promotes the sustainable development of the global shipping industry. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed during the Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo 2023 to seal the partnership.

    The joint venture aims to meet the growing demand for the decarbonization of ships. The companies will conduct tests on various types of marine fuels and engines. BASF will use its innovative OASE® blue technology for this purpose. OASE® blue is an efficient gas treatment technology with low energy consumption, minimal solvent loss and high flexibility. It is specifically designed to manage impurities in flue gases from fossil-fueled power plants, steam reformers, waste incinerators and the cement industry.

    OASE® products contribute to sustainability in the value chain and provide efficient gas treatment. Likewise, they conserve resources, reduce emissions, and save energy. International shipping accounts for 90% of global trade in goods, generating approximately 1 billion tons of CO₂ per year, or about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

    Ballard Power: Reconsiders expansion in China, sites in US and Europe more enticing

    **Ballard Power Systems, a Canadian fuel cell manufacturer, is reconsidering a EUR 90 million investment in China due to growing tensions and the risk of a "geopolitical meltdown." This week, CEO Randy MacEwen announced that he is working with consulting firm Deloitte to compare Ballard's current investment plans in China with potential options in Europe and the United States. This will include a review of whether a revision of the plans should be considered.

    Political uncertainties in China and the current generous policy incentives supporting hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles in the US and Europe have the battery maker hesitant.

    The temptation for the US as a location is increasing due to government-funded support under the Inflation Reduction Act. The US introduced the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a EUR 680 billion investment program that includes measures to combat climate change, a shift to renewable energy and extensive new tax regulations. Europe remains Ballard Power's largest market, accounting for nearly two-thirds of sales in the most recent quarter.

    "I think it is important to secure manufacturing and supply chains so that in the event of a geopolitical collapse, if the plants in China are no longer addressable or the supply chains in China are no longer addressable, there is an alternative," MacEwen stresses. Shares of Ballard Power are seeing a bullish jump this week after the Company announced plans to cut costs and ramp up production of a key component.

    On the less risky side are investors who are committed to starting the precious metals value chain in countries that are democratically run. Defiance Silver Corp. has huge potential to produce silver soon, thanks to recent drill results. It is impossible to imagine modern industry without silver. It is used in particular in batteries produced by Ballard Power, for example. The Canadian fuel cell company is currently hesitant to implement a EUR 90 million investment for a factory plant in China. The painful experience of the supply chain failures triggered by COVID and the associated lockdowns and similar measures is still too strong. The US and also Europe entice with location advantages. BASF, on the other hand, is betting on the People's Republic and cooperating with the marine company CPGC to shape the future of green shipping. It remains to be seen whether this will already pay off for shareholders.

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