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Jim Payne, CEO, dynaCERT Inc.

Jim Payne
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dynaCERT CEO Jim Payne on attractive hydrogen opportunities

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO and Founder, Enapter AG

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt
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Enapter AG CEO and founder Sebastian-Justus Schmidt on the future of hydrogen

John Jeffrey, CEO, Saturn Oil & Gas Inc.

John Jeffrey
CEO | Saturn Oil & Gas Inc.
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Saturn Oil & Gas CEO John Jeffrey on the future of the company and ESG

14. January 2021 | 18:50 CET

BYD, Deutsche Rohstoff AG, Ballard Power - There is huge potential here!

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Photo credits: Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Since the historic crash last March due to the Corona pandemic, the oil price has stabilized well above USD 50.0. The large investment houses assume further rising prices of the black gold. Experts also see most commodities rising sharply due to the ever-increasing demand caused by new technologies. The scarcity of the required materials will increase enormously in the next few years. As a result, prices are likely to climb dramatically.

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Stefan Feulner

The native Franconian has more than 20 years of stock exchange experience and a broadly diversified network.
He is passionate about analyzing a wide variety of business models and investigating new trends.

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German craftmanship

German Rohstoff AG, based in Mannheim, has been tackling this problem since 2006. The group around the experienced CEO Dr. Thomas Gutschlag develops and operates various subsidiaries and sites in Germany, Spain, Canada, the United States and South Korea. The investment holding Company's portfolio currently consists of 4 oil and gas producers from the United States, the German Rhein Petroleum, and the Canadian tungsten Company Almonty Industries.

Corona as an opportunity

The Mannheimer was not able to escape the decline of the oil shares in the past year either. The share price fell from over EUR 26.0 to below EUR 6.0. Currently, the shares of the German commodity Company are trading at EUR 9.50. A breakout above the EUR 10 mark would generate a strong buy signal, which would be justified in fundamental terms. Last year, Gutschlag used the crisis to acquire new drilling fields at bargain prices. Also, the Company's own oil production was significantly reduced, so that the valuable raw material is 'not given away'..

The pumps are running

Due to the oil price recovery above USD 50, production has now once again been ramped up. Overall, Deutsche Rohstoff AG is planning net production of 5,700 to 6,300 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOEPD) and 2,300 to 2,600 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) from existing wells during 2021. Starting in March 2020 during the Corona Crisis, a portfolio of liquid equity and bond investments in mining companies, especially gold, and oil companies was built up and performed exceptionally well. As a result, EUR 3.5 million income has already been achieved, and according to management, there are additional gains of EUR 8.0 million.

Pearl in Asia

With its 12.8% stake in Almonty Industries, Deutsche Rohstoff may have hit the jackpot. After years of development, the Canadian Company is on the verge of completing a megaproject. The largest tungsten mine in the world is to be built in Sangdong in South Korea. At full capacity, the mine will account for up to 10% of the global supply. The financing agreement with KfW-IPEX Bank has already been signed. The project financing is for USD 75.1 million. A buyer for the tungsten concentrates, which are to be produced in Sangdong from 2022, has been found in the current major shareholder, the Austrian Plansee Group. A successful production start should provide an enormous tailwind for both the Almonty share price and Deutsche Rohstoff AG's share price.

Largest order in history

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD has been operating in Colombia since 2012. In 2018, the first buses were shipped to Medellín. The Warren Buffet-backed Company reports the largest order in the Company's history outside of China for electric buses. 1,002 units are to be delivered to the Colombian capital Bogotá, and the entire order is expected to be completed by mid-2022. Colombia aims to improve air quality and reduce inner-city noise levels by switching to electric mobility. The Chinese already delivered 270 e-buses to Bogotá last year.

Conversion everywhere

The promotion of greener, cleaner transport, and increasingly stringent emissions standards is not only prompting the South Americans to rethink their approach. In Great Britain, too, the Company is responding to the growing demand for zero-emission vehicles. BYD's British subsidiary announced that it would assemble the chassis of its electric solo and double-decker buses for the British market directly at ADL's plants in the United Kingdom starting in July 2021 with its partner Alexander Dennis Limited. According to a press release, since 2015, the number of electric buses delivered and ordered has increased to more than 500. More than 70% of the electric buses launched in the UK during that period were delivered by BYD and its partner Alexander Dennis Limited, it said.

Target price increased

According to analysts at CMB International Securities, a new EV model should further boost sales. Likewise, stronger batteries should ensure better sales figures. The experts maintain the buy recommendation for the "Build Your Dream" Company and increase the price target from HKD 230.0 to HKD 300.0. The Company's share is currently running from high to high and was quoted at the equivalent of EUR 27.72 yesterday. In the long term, we see good opportunities for the Chinese to establish themselves as the most important electric car brand alongside Tesla.

Order by order

Scotland has also expressed its wishes. They want to achieve a climate protection target of net zero emissions by 2035 at the latest. The fuel specialist Ballard Power is to help with this. Ballard Power Systems has received an order from Arcola Energy to supply fuel cell modules. The Ballard Power fuel cell units are intended to power a passenger train to be demonstrated during the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in November. The goal is to convert a Class 314 passenger train provided by ScotRail into an operational and certified platform to develop hydrogen-powered trains.


Stefan Feulner

The native Franconian has more than 20 years of stock exchange experience and a broadly diversified network.
He is passionate about analyzing a wide variety of business models and investigating new trends.

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18. January 2021 | 08:54 CET | by André Will-Laudien

Deutsche Rohstoff AG, Glencore PLC, FuelCell Energy: Commodity rally! Further up it goes!

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The commodity rally is now really underway. While copper has already gained more than 70% from the March low due to the ongoing e-mobility fantasy, other battery metals are now coming on the scene. With lithium in the bag, Canada's Rock Tech Lithium has undoubtedly taken the cake with a tenfold increase in one month. The name Peter Thiel as an anchor investor boosted the stock. German stocks in the commodities sector are also setting the pace: BASF, K+S and Deutsche Rohstoff AG showed their muscles in recent weeks.


04. January 2021 | 10:49 CET | by Nico Popp

Vale, Almonty Resources, Glencore: commodity stocks for 2021

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Although the news is primarily dominated by the pandemic and the effects of the lockdown, the economy continues to turn. Many service providers are suffering from the pandemic, and the structural change it has triggered. The situation for producers is quite different: Manufacturers of electrical appliances and electric cars are sitting on full order books and looking to a rosy future. Mining companies are also feeling this optimism: since the pandemic's outbreak, commodity prices have been on the rise. Project financiers and major investors are not backing down or adopting a wait-and-see attitude, even in times of crisis. For private investors, this is a good sign - there is something to be gained in the commodities sector.


29. December 2020 | 09:13 CET | by Carsten Mainitz

Glencore, Almonty, Aurubis - Scarcity drives share price

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If you have listened to the old master of the stock market André Kostolany, then you have thought about aluminum in the past, and that's a good thing. If you bet on companies that focus on industrial metals or strategic metals, you should see a good performance next year. Rising demand in the wake of electromobility is driving up the price of copper. But so-called strategic metals, such as tungsten, are also used in various ways and are difficult to substitute. The availability of strategic metals is more limited than that of industrial metals. At times, there can be a large gap between supply and demand. Investors then profit from scarcity prices. We reveal where opportunities are tempting.