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January 4th, 2022 | 07:10 CET

BYD, CoinAnalyst, JinkoSolar - Ambitious targets

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What awaits investors in 2022? Will shares of vaccine makers such as BioNTech and Moderna continue to run upward, or will the massive overvaluation be reduced over the course of the year? Will industry leader Tesla keep its place in the sun? And what is next for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which rose like a phoenix from the ashes last year? The new year offers many opportunities. Stay tuned and bet on the winners starting now.

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    A new boom in NFTs

    One of the latest trends of the past year was the trading of so-called NFTs in German non-exchangeable tokens. These are purely digital collectibles paid for with cryptocurrency. The market is booming; for example, auction house Christie's recently sold a purely digital painting by artist Beeple called "Everydays: the First 5000 Days" for a whopping EUR 69 million. The advantage of non-fungible tokens is that they are unique, counterfeit-proof and indestructible. The basis behind this phenomenon is blockchain technology. The more enthusiastic the audience and ultimately the clientele is, the higher the price for the corresponding art. The Canadian Company CoinAnalyst wants to utilize this extended sentiment analysis for "enthusiasm-based" NFTs. The Company is focusing on the music industry.

    "Musicians and artists are at the forefront of the enthusiasm-based economy and are looking for alternative ways to monetize. CoinAnalyst intends to access exclusive content through partnerships and promote it accordingly. This content will be integrated into our Big Data analytics platform and ultimately benefit our subscribers," explained Pascal Lauria, CEO of CoinAnalyst.

    Interesting extension

    Measuring sentiment is an extension of CoinAnalyst's Big Data analytics platform. The artificial intelligence-based technology shows investors in the digital asset sector and other industries detailed AI-powered analysis of market sentiment, fundamentals and technical indicators. To do so, the software taps into diverse news sources, tracks influencers, scans online social media and provides sentiment analysis, forecasts, and trading signals for the top 300 digital assets.

    In addition to the "Insights" and "Crypto Market Letter" products, the focus is primarily on the "Copy Trading" segment. A mobile app is planned for the first quarter of the current year to expand the areas of "copy trading" and "NFT analysis". CoinAnalyst's forecasts are entirely focused on growth. After a turnover of CAD 0.9 million, the revenues should reach CAD 17.09 million in 2023. CoinAnalyst's market capitalization is EUR 32.84 million.

    Strong expansion planned

    The shares of the Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD are currently valued at around EUR 82 billion. The chances are good that this will increase in the near future. After testing the support at around EUR 29, the share price successfully turned upwards. In addition, the short-term downward trend that has been running since the end of November was broken. A new run to the interim high at EUR 36.70 does not seem unlikely in the short term.

    Fundamentally, the signs for the current year point to an attack by Tesla's market leadership. The Company financed by Warren Buffett wants to sell up to 1.2 million NEVs in 2022. That would give the Company more than 20% of China's new energy vehicle market. Last year's target was 600,000 units, which BYD may well have reached. As of Nov. 30, sales were already at 509,000 units. The ambitious target of a possible doubling could have to do with the market launch of the new model series and the expansion to Europe and South America. In our opinion, BYD should be one of the outperformers among the e-car manufacturers.

    JinkoSolar focuses on green hydrogen

    The world's largest producer of solar modules has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese oil giant Sinopec Star to jointly develop solar hydrogen plants.

    "Sinopec Star plans to build several solar-powered, zero-emission, industrial-scale hydrogen production plants across the country, which will serve as proof that solar hydrogen provided by advanced solar technology is competitive," the companies announced. According to JinkoSolar founder Kangping Chen, the collaboration could be the first-ever integration of next-generation N-type technology into solar hydrogen production.

    JinkoSolar's stock is currently struggling to find a bottom. However, from a long-term perspective, it is more than a candidate on the watch list.

    The stock market year 2022 has opened, and the wheel continues to turn. BYD wants to accelerate its successful growth course once again. JinkoSolar is working with cooperation on the future market of green hydrogen. Meanwhile, the Canadian Company CoinAnalyst wants to take advantage of the boom in NFTs.

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    He is passionate about analyzing a wide variety of business models and investigating new trends.

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