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Dirk Graszt, CEO, Clean Logistics SE

Dirk Graszt
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Interview Clean Logistics: Hydrogen challenge to Daimler + Co.

Matthew Salthouse, CEO, Kainantu Resources

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Interview Kainantu Resources: "We hold the key to growth in the Asia-Pacific region".

Justin Reid, President and CEO, Troilus Gold Corp.

Justin Reid
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Interview Troilus Gold: "We are convinced that Troilus is more than just a mine".

11. September 2020 | 09:59 CET

BioNTech, CureVac, Valeo Pharma - Growth after capital injection

  • Covid-19
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Anyone working in the medical sector knows that the development of therapies and products usually costs a lot of time and especially a lot of money. In the race against the spread of the current Corona pandemic, there are major changes in the industry, because whoever comes to the market with a product first is de facto guaranteed high sales and profits. However, there is not much time left for the development of a vaccine against Covid-19 and to reduce the economic damage, researching companies have virtually unlimited amounts of money available. Whoever finds a solution against Covid-19 will certainly have the right team in the starting blocks in the fight against the subsequent Corona viruses.

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Mario Hose

Born and raised in Hannover, Lower Saxony follows social and economic developments around the globe. As a passionate entrepreneur and columnist he explains and compares the most diverse business models as well as markets for interested stock traders.

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VALEO PHARMA INC - Growth strategy with profit margin

The Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company Valeo Pharma is focused on commercialization of innovative prescription products in Canada. With a focus on neurodegenerative diseases, oncology products and specialty products for hospitals, Valeo Pharma claims to have a growing portfolio of innovative products and a mature infrastructure that enables it to manage these products properly through all stages of commercialization.

Valeo Pharma therefore offers investors the advantage that the company does not carry out its own research or development and therefore does not have to incur high costs before bringing products to market. The company collaborates with other pharmaceutical companies specializing in research into active ingredients and therapies. In connection with the current Corona pandemic, the company and its partner Ingenew have successfully launched Hesperco's market introduction in Canada and are now taking care of the commercialization of the product.

Pierre Laurin, CEO of Ingenew, explained the importance of the compound in a press release: "There is a strong scientific and medical rationale for the use of Hesperco capsules to support the immune system and potentially fight off symptoms associated with Corona viruses such as the one that causes COVID-19. Thousands of compounds have been evaluated since the start of the pandemic and the active compound in Hesperco capsules has been repeatedly reported to be one of the best candidate to interfere with the mechanisms SARS-CoV-2 uses to infect our cells. (…)“

In order to increase its own growth and the marketing of its products, Valeo Pharma has successfully completed an equity financing of CAD 6.9 million. "We are very pleased to have completed this bought deal financing with strong investor demand from a broad base of new shareholders. The proceeds of this financing will be used to support the launch of several new products in the coming months and to accelerate new growth opportunities," said Steve Saviuk, CEO of Valeo Pharma.The advantage of the company is that access to physicians can be used more intensively with a growing and high-margin product portfolio - without research risks.

BIONTECH SE ADR - Preparations are in full swing

The German biotechnology company BioNTech was able to attract public attention through its collaboration with the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer shortly after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. In the meantime, the company is one of the hopefuls in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. A further collaboration with another company now makes it clear that the availability of a vaccine is becoming increasingly likely in the near future.

Yesterday, BioNTech together with the German pharmaceutical company Dermapharm announced that the two companies will cooperate in the production of the Covid-19 vaccine. According to the announcement, the capacities will be available right from the start of vaccine production, and if the vaccine is approved quickly, up to 100 million units will be produced worldwide this year, and then a total of 1.3 billion units by the end of 2021.

CUREVAC NV - Further government research funds

Another German biotech company is also leading the race for an effective corona vaccine. In recent weeks, CureVac was not only able to announce a successful IPO and the visit of Elon Musk, but the Federal Ministry of Research has promised the company up to a further EUR 252 million for the development of a vaccine.

From France, the pharmaceutical group Sanofi has already made a statement about a possible price for a vaccine. According to Sanofi President Olivier Bogillot, the price of a Sanofi vaccine will be less than EUR 10 per dose. It is already clear, regardless of who wins the race, that the pharmaceutical industry has undergone a significant change and will benefit in the long term from increased efficiency in the development of active ingredients. Patients will also be able to benefit from the competitive situation and the potential product diversity.


Mario Hose

Born and raised in Hannover, Lower Saxony follows social and economic developments around the globe. As a passionate entrepreneur and columnist he explains and compares the most diverse business models as well as markets for interested stock traders.

About the author

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BioNTech, Cardiol Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson: biotech gems from the well-known to the unknown

  • Covid-19

If there's one industry that's rightfully making big profits these days, it's healthcare companies. The pandemic has kissed the industry awake. In addition to the current relevance around Covid treatment, test procedures, or even vaccinations, there is also a growing awareness that medical innovation depends on research. More and more investors are willing to push promising projects and the general conditions for this could not be better. There is a consensus in politics, society and business that health is the highest good.


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CureVac, EXMceuticals, Formycom - the undiscovered profiteers of the crisis!

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The Corona pandemic continues to be the dominant topic of our time. Not a day goes by when new achievements in the fight against the pandemic come to public attention. The battle against Covid-19 is becoming a multi-billion-dollar business. In addition to the well-known profiteers, the vaccine manufacturers BioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca and many smaller companies are also profiting. Their potential is still largely unknown on the stock market and is far from being fully exploited.


02. November 2020 | 09:07 CET | by Stefan Feulner

Ballard Power, Saturn Oil & Gas, Amazon - The profiteers of the crisis!

  • Covid-19

The profiteers of the first wave of the Corona pandemic are seen from the most recently published quarterly figures. The well-known FAANG stocks Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet (Google) were able to improve their balance sheets significantly. Besides some winners, the number of losers is much larger. These now either have to fight for survival or are swallowed cheaply by financially more robust competitors. The takeover wave should pick up speed in 2021, across all industries!