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Alex Kent, Managing Director, Aspermont Limited

Alex Kent
Managing Director | Aspermont Limited
613 - 619 Wellington Street, WA, 6000 Perth (AUS)

+61 8 6263 9100

Aspermont shows the success of digitalization - Alex Kent has an agenda

Jim Payne, CEO, dynaCERT Inc.

Jim Payne
CEO | dynaCERT Inc.
101-501 Alliance Avenue, M6N 2J1 Toronto, Ontario (CAN)

+1 416 766 9691

dynaCERT CEO Jim Payne on attractive hydrogen opportunities

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO and Founder, Enapter AG

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt
CEO and Founder | Enapter AG
Ziegelhäuser Landstraße 1, 69120 Heidelberg (D)

Enapter AG CEO and founder Sebastian-Justus Schmidt on the future of hydrogen

13. February 2020 | 08:57 CET

BIGG Digital Assets, Bitcoin Group, Chainalysis - why invest now?

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The blockchain hype was around two years ago and a lot has changed since then. A consolidation phase has cleared the market and what has remained are the companies and teams that have been able to convince the market and investors of their products and business models. The interest in the sector is often reinterpreted by market participants into the price development of the most famous crypto-currency. The price of a Bitcoin was quoted in the morning at over USD 10,400.00, the highest level since September 2019, and about two months ago the digital currency changed wallets at less than USD 7,000.00. This volatility enabled a speculative gain of about 50%. But the market offers more.

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Mario Hose

Born and raised in Hannover, Lower Saxony follows social and economic developments around the globe. As a passionate entrepreneur and columnist he explains and compares the most diverse business models as well as markets for interested stock traders.

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Public authorities are among the major customers

BIGG Digital Assets and Chainalysis are among the providers of solutions with which authorities can track down criminal activities. Using different approaches and technologies, the software products of the two companies make it possible to monitor the payment flows of crypto-currencies and to detect possible criminal activities. It is hardly surprising that the customers of these blockchain companies include the US government and its agencies. With lucrative and growing budgets they work hand in hand.

Detection of suspicious activities

Modern technologies enable law enforcement, RegTech, regulatory and government agencies to follow the virtual money. Search algorithms for detecting suspicious activity within transactions with e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, Litecoin are a helpful tool for investigators and companies. In the fight against terrorist financing, human trafficking, drugs and weapons, child pornography, corruption, bribery, money laundering and other cybercrime, it is important for successful investigation and prevention that transactions can be tracked and monitored quickly.

Turnover is increasing

Lance Morginn of BIGG Digital Assets commented on the recent five-year contract with the US government for CAD 715,000.00: "We are thrilled to have won this contract, enabling us to further cement our US government relationships and demonstrate the value of our products to the US government. This sizable contract follows on the heels of two other customer contracts valued at CAD 389,000.00 and CAD 355,000.00, respectively, attained in Fall 2019 – demonstrating our ongoing gains in market traction. Entering 2020, we have a healthy pipeline of global opportunities and we look forward to updating our investors as we progress."

The private company Chainalysis has received more than USD 10 million from the US government since 2015 for the provision of products. A potential that also exists for the listed company BIGG Digital Assets and the shareholders. The BIGG share has already gained ground.

New revenue streams with business expansion

Bitcoin Group will also benefit from the positive development of the crypto-currency Bitcoin. With the German company is Europe's largest trading place for the crypto currency. However, the Bitcoin Group also continues to develop. Via the wholly-owned subsidiary futurum bank AG, the custody of crypto assets will be offered to institutional customers in the future with the blessing of BaFin. The expansion of business activities opens up new sources of income.


Mario Hose

Born and raised in Hannover, Lower Saxony follows social and economic developments around the globe. As a passionate entrepreneur and columnist he explains and compares the most diverse business models as well as markets for interested stock traders.

About the author

Conflict of interest & risk note

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18. January 2021 | 12:53 CET | by Carsten Mainitz

Riot Blockchain, Upco International, Microsoft - Game changer Blockchain - more than just Bitcoin!

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is more than just Bitcoin. This cryptographic chaining process in a decentralized "accounting system" forms the technological basis for the cryptocurrency and allows for other diverse applications. Profound upheavals are on the horizon in many areas of the economy, with currencies, payment services and assets just a few examples. A vast field of application is blockchain-based contracts, so-called smart contracts stored in a programming language. In general, blockchain offers the advantages of tamper-resistance and lower transaction costs, among others. But the technology also comes up against limitations with some adverse side effects such as low efficiency and high energy consumption. Blockchain is not a cure-all, but the market for a wide variety of areas is enormous and enables providers to grow dynamically, sometimes exponentially, in the long term. We introduce you to three profiteers of the blockchain growth trend.


11. January 2021 | 10:15 CET | by Carsten Mainitz

Bitcoin Group, BIGG Digital Assets, Square Inc.- incredible potential!

  • Blockchain

The market penetration of cryptocurrencies and the tokenization of crypto assets are still at an early stage. The benefits of blockchain-based transactions are clear. Bitcoin marked an all-time high last week at USD 41,000, quintupling in 12 months. Professional investors are becoming increasingly interested in the crypto asset class. Ultimately, the triumph of crypto depends on regulators and general acceptance. However, the multi-faceted Group of payment service providers or specialized (software) solution providers are also interesting for investors. After all, these are cutting themselves an ever-larger slice of PayPal's colossal pie. We introduce you to promising companies, some of which are still relatively unknown, that have huge upside potential.


05. January 2021 | 08:39 CET | by André Will-Laudien

BIGG Digital Assets, NEL ASA, BYD: The Bitcoin Crypto Rally Continues!

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Exactly 5 weeks ago, we looked at the BTC exchange rate as it just bounced off the USD 20,000 mark. Over the weekend, it again reached a new high of USD 34,790. Yesterday we saw a violent correction to USD 27,975, just like that, 20% in 4 trading hours. Crypto investors are used to volatility; it will be another hell ride in 2021 anyway because the strong supporters of the Bitcoin already see a new world currency. The supporters of the FIAT dollar, on the other hand, would rather quickly ban the Bitcoin to protect the financial systems from questionable changes. With just 21 million units, the Bitcoin has no reserve character, because only a few wealthy people on this globe can buy a unit of it. It will be interesting to see how the US dollar - Bitcoin - gold currency triangle develops this year.