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August 18th, 2022 | 10:21 CEST

Sell Nel ASA? Buy HelloFresh and Aspermont?

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Despite individual setbacks, the mood on the stock market is currently good and the summer rally is underway. Alongside shares from the technology sector, hydrogen stocks such as Plug Power and Nel ASA are currently among the high flyers. However, JPMorgan is interfering. The analysts rate the hydrogen specialist as "Underweight" and thus advise selling. They believe the share price could drop by a significant double-digit percentage. In contrast, two analysts have commented positively on HelloFresh. Berenberg even sees a doubling potential. There are also praising words for Aspermont. The debt-free Company is growing, the new fintech platform is exciting, and the valuation is very low compared to the peer group.

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    Fan Xian Yong, CEO, The Place Holdings
    "[...] We recognized that there is a lack of business models that combine innovative business concepts, such as "new retail" solutions and omni-channel strategies, with conventional business segments. [...]" Fan Xian Yong, CEO, The Place Holdings

    Full interview


    Aspermont: Forecasts for 2022 and 2023 too low?

    For the experts at, the Aspermont share should be heading for old highs on the back of the new fintech platform. After the successful transformation from a venerable publishing house to a digital B2B media house for the global commodities sector, the Australian Company would be back on track for expansion. Aspermont is debt-free and continues to grow unabated. In addition to the existing divisions, the reopening of live events after the Corona pandemic should still show up in the upcoming third-quarter numbers in early September. Given the growing business, experts would not be surprised to see Aspermont raise its guidance for fiscal 2022 and 2023 soon.

    With the launch of the Blu Horseshoe placement platform - where customers are given access to the lucrative secondary issuance market on the Australian stock exchange ASX - the Australians have also succeeded in entering the huge fintech business. The modular and highly scalable platform should also see more projects such as "Resource Stocks" or the "Content" work platform launch in the near future, which could further increase both the number and value of the customer. Aspermont is currently valued at just USD 36.97 million. The financing platform alone is worth more. London-based placement platform PimaryBid, for example, recently raised a funding round on a post valuation of a whopping USD 690 million. Among the big-name investors was the global private equity giant SoftBank. While Blu Horseshoe and PrimaryBid are at different stages, the potential is clearly demonstrated in these digital scaling monsters. Click here to read the full study.

    Nel ASA: Plenty of growth imagination, but no bargain had also commented on Nel following the quarterly figures (to the report). Despite all rosy perspectives, the Norwegians with a price-sales ratio of over 20 are anything but cheap. Despite the recent doubling of the share price, Plug Power has a sales ratio of 16, which means that Nel is certainly not a bargain. JPMorgan expresses it even more drastically. In the second quarter, Nel's sales and EBITDA missed expectations. Therefore, the analysts reduced their estimates for 2022, 23 and 24. The price target for the shares of the hydrogen specialist was also reduced from NOK 11.10 to NOK 10.10. Currently, the Nel share is quoted at around NOK 15.70. In addition, it was also announced yesterday that Nel has divested its stake in Nikola worth USD 7.5 million. The pre-IPO investment in the start-up, which specializes in electric trucks, still generated a profit of USD 2.5 million for Nel. Nel also announced that it increased its capital by 4.4 million shares as part of an employee stock ownership program.

    HelloFresh share: EUR 60 or only EUR 27?

    The HelloFresh share has not yet been able to benefit from the tech rally of recent weeks. And yesterday, too, the DAX member went down quite significantly. Yet analysts have recently been largely optimistic for the provider of cooking boxes. Following the publication of the final quarterly figures, Berenberg renewed its buy recommendation. The Company has the effects of rising inflation under control, and the discounts are also stable. Therefore, the analysts see a price target of EUR 60. Barclays is somewhat more cautious, but even their price target of EUR 44 would mean an increase of almost 50%. The current concern would be that growth in other international sales markets could not keep pace with the US market. Only Bernstein Research, with its price target of EUR 27, sees no upside potential for the HelloFresh share at the moment. The bad news has been worked off in the meantime, but customer demand remains weak. The analysts recommend that HelloFresh focuses on affluent customers with a somewhat high pricing policy. That would strengthen profitability.

    The long-term opportunities in the hydrogen sector are huge, but so are the valuations. At Nel, the operating business has yet to grow into the valuation. At Aspermont, this appears to be more the other way around, and the outlook is also right. According to the majority of analysts, the HelloFresh share has catch-up potential.

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    Fabian Lorenz

    For more than twenty years, the Cologne native has been intensively involved with the stock market, both professionally and privately. He is particularly passionate about national and international small and micro caps.

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