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Humphrey Hale, CEO, Managing Geologist, Carnavale Resources Ltd.

Humphrey Hale
CEO, Managing Geologist | Carnavale Resources Ltd.
Level 2, Suite 9 389 Oxford Street, WA 6016 Mount Hawthorn (AUS)

Interview Carnavale Resources: Good cards for long-term success

Bill Guy, Chairman, Theta Gold Mines Limited

Bill Guy
Chairman | Theta Gold Mines Limited
Level 35 (ServCorp), Intl Tower One 100 Barangaroo Ave, 2000 NSW Australia (AUS)

+61 2 8046 7584

Interview Theta Gold Mines: This team has already brought 20 mines into production

David Mason, Managing Director, CEO, NewPeak Metals Ltd.

David Mason
Managing Director, CEO | NewPeak Metals Ltd.
Level 27, 111 Eagle Street, QLD 4000 Brisbane (AU)

+61 7 3303 0650

Interview New Peak Metals: Many chances for great success

20. January 2021 | 09:44 CET

Royal Helium, Air Liquide, Carnival: Competence in Gas!

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In 2020, hydrogen was the stuff dreams could be made of. Of course, only for the investors willing to take risks and ready to increase their bets every day. All the chips were on the table by year-end, and the hydrogen celebrities had completed rises of 1,000-1,500%. Since the beginning of this year, the top shooters have been staggering at lofty heights - and since yesterday, we have been taking note of the fact that the Norwegian NEL can fall from time to time. Presumably, the speculative investor in 2021 is now looking for a new wave that can be ridden - so far, it has not yet shown itself. Still, theoretically, it could also be gas, environmentally friendly, and available in abundance. Why not?

time to read: 3 minutes by André Will-Laudien

Andrew Davidson, CEO, Royal Helium Limited
"[...] We expect the first three wells to be drilled, cased, completed and tested by the second week of March [...]" Andrew Davidson, CEO, Royal Helium Limited

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André Will-Laudien

Born in Munich, he first studied economics and graduated in business administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in 1995. As he was involved with the stock market at a very early stage, he now has more than 30 years of experience in the capital markets.

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Royal Helium - The cards are being reshuffled

When we think of gas today, the focus falls on the barbecue's camping bottle or the inexpensive gas heater in the house. If a balloon passes by, it certainly has something to do with hot air or even helium. Helium is a scarce noble gas on our earth. It is used more and more in high technology, the technical cleaning processes, or the cooling rocket boosters.

Canada's Royal Helium Ltd. is focused on exploring and developing a major helium production project in southern Saskatchewan. The land package secured has over 400,000 hectares of prospective land, while the infrastructure could not be better. In this constellation, Royal is one of the largest and most promising helium producers in North America.

Royal's projects, located near highways, roads, cities, and, most importantly, existing oil and gas infrastructure, have been methodically evaluated for helium potential for over two years by helium experts, professional geologists, and Engineers.

CAD 5 million is still available from the last financing in December, which can now be used for further development in 2021. The market expects excellent results here, as the share price has already increased by 200% in just 4 weeks. Sometimes things happen faster than you think.

Last week, the distribution of 4.8 million incentive options from the employee option plan was announced. The subscription price is CAD 0.44 with a term of 5 years. An efficient action to retain skilled personnel in the emerging Company for the long term. Royal Helium currently has a capitalization of only CAD 46 million at a price of CAD 0.73 per share. Our expectation from December has come true; the Helium balloon is already taking off strongly.

Air Liquide - A benchmark in gas

A global leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and healthcare, Air Liquide has approximately 67,000 employees in 80 countries and serves more than 3.7 million customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are essential small molecules for life, matter and energy. They embody Air Liquide's scientific territory and have been at the heart of the Company's activities since its foundation in 1902.

Worldwide, only the Linde Group can compete in this gas league. Air Liquide's declared goal is to remain a leader in its industry, even after Linde and Praxair's merger. The Company has taken several steps toward its long-term goal of becoming a sustainable Group. The Company's customer-centric transformation strategy aims to achieve profitable, regular and responsible growth over the long term. It is based on operational excellence, selective investments, open innovation, and a network organization that the Group is implementing worldwide in its digitalization strategy.

Air Liquide's sales amounted to EUR 22 billion in 2019 and will remain little changed in 2020. Solutions that protect life and the environment accounted for more than 40% of sales. Chart-wise, the stock at EUR 134 is not far from its all-time high of EUR 142. Air Liquide is a clear benchmark in the gas market.

Carnival - The future of cruises

Covid-19 is to the cruise expert Carnival PLC what the eruption of Mount Vesuvius was to ancient Pompeii. Covid-19 reduced the balance sheet of the indebted Company to rubble. The Group was ultimately able to survive in 2020 only through 2 large capital increases and government aid for the German subsidiary AIDA.

Carnival believes in a future for its business model from 2021 and probably in medium-term herd immunity. Carnival Cruise Line's new ship, the 'Carnival Celebration,' is scheduled to enter service in November 2022. With the traditional steel cut, the cruise group wants to make a statement at the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland. The 'Mardi Gras' sister ship is the first fleet member to be equipped with environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG) propulsion. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this will work.

From a rational point of view, there are far more cruise ships on the world's oceans than would be required in a future with a focus on distancing. We believe that 30-40% of the existing capacity will be decommissioned from today's perspective. At around EUR 15, Carnival shares are only 50% above lows, but a whopping 75% below their 2017 high.

Whether the speculation with Carnival and other cruise companies will work out probably depends on the mass vaccinations' duration and their success against ever newer virus mutations. Only when this question has been resolved should it again be a matter of "Full speed ahead!


André Will-Laudien

Born in Munich, he first studied economics and graduated in business administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in 1995. As he was involved with the stock market at a very early stage, he now has more than 30 years of experience in the capital markets.

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BP, Royal Helium, Gazprom - Boosters for the Portfolio

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Inflation is here. In the USA 4.2%, in Germany 2.5%. Meanwhile, it may be doubted that these values are of a short-term nature. Commodity prices have been rising for some time, and some craftsmen in Germany are switching to short-time work because they can no longer obtain materials or only at horrendous prices. Inflation means nothing else than a loss of value of money. So, where is the best place to invest at the moment? Dividends would be nice; ideally, more than 3% and additional price gains in stocks would be even nicer. We have picked out three stocks that we think are suitable inflation protectors.


31. May 2021 | 11:14 CET | by Stefan Feulner

Nel ASA, Royal Helium, Nikola, Plug Power - Here comes the second chance

  • Helium

The correction of the stock exchange Highflyer of 2020, hydrogen, could be stopped for the time being. The first delicate, chart-technical stabilization tendencies can be recognized with many shares of the boom industry. The importance of hydrogen as an energy source will increase in the coming decades as governments work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Hydrogen produces no carbon dioxide when burned or used in a fuel cell to generate electricity. Thus, rosy times are ahead for the industry. Take advantage of the second chance!


28. May 2021 | 08:14 CET | by Nico Popp

Royal Helium, NEL, Steinhoff: Quick profits? That is what counts!

  • Helium

Earning a lot of money in a short time is ideal for many private investors. But sometimes, things do not turn out the way one expects: share prices go on a roller coaster ride, or a major legal decision drags on. Using three stocks as an example, we explain what brave speculators should watch out for in order to achieve their goal as quickly as possible.