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Alison Coutts, Executive Chairman, Memphasys Ltd.

Alison Coutts
Executive Chairman | Memphasys Ltd.
30 Richmond Road, 2140 Homebush West (AUS)

+61 2 8415 7300

Memphasys Executive Chairman Alison Coutts on in vitro fertilisation (IVF)

Thomas Soltau, CEO, wallstreet:online capital AG

Thomas Soltau
CEO | wallstreet:online capital AG
Michaelkirchstraße 17/18, 10179 Berlin (D)

+49 30 27 57 76 464

Smartbroker - wallstreet:online capital AG CEO Thomas Soltau in an interview on the market launch

Jonathan Summers, CEO, EXMceuticals Inc.

Jonathan Summers
CEO | EXMceuticals Inc.
1111 Alberni Street, Suite 1603, V6E 4V2 Vancouver (CAN)

EXMceuticals CEO Jonathan Summers on the medical cannabis market

04. March 2020 | 07:27 CET

Medigene, Memphasys, Qiagen - which stocks belong in the portfolio?

  • Medical

In times of price fluctuations, so-called 'buy on dips' strategy can be an effective method of achieving a favorable entry price for listed companies. Global trends as a framework can be decisive for a successful investment decision. For a modern society, the healthcare sector has become a particularly important sector. In addition to the desire for a long life with health and care, there is also an increasing demand for products and therapies that can fulfil couples' desire to have children. There is a broad spectrum and as an investor it is worth taking a look at the companies.

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In the fight against cancer

The name Medigene is certainly known to many traders. The German biotech company is engaged in therapies for the treatment of various types of cancer in different stages. The T-cell-focused immune therapies are the focus of Medigene. Starting in the field of blood cancers, the company is pursuing a strategy of initiating its own clinical development programmes.

In addition, therapeutic approaches are being sought with selected partners to enable successful treatment of tumors. The market value of Medigene is currently around EUR 110 million. The Medigene share is an investment in cancer research.

Increasing the chances of having children

More and more couples worldwide are desperately longing in vain for a child of their own. Modern medicine has developed various possibilities and procedures to successfully initiate pregnancy. The so-called in vitro fertilisation, also known as IVF procedure, is one possibility of artificial insemination. In this procedure, the ovum is taken from the woman and then artificially fertilized with the man's sperm in the laboratory. If the fertilization is successful, the embryos can then be transferred to the uterus so that pregnancy can begin.

In order to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy, the separation of high-quality sperm is purposeful. The Australian company Memphasys has developed a product that can be used to process the seminal fluid to increase the birth rate. The product called FELIX is currently being tested by experts and sales are expected to start in the second half of 2020. Memphasys currently has a market value of around EUR 25 million. The Memphasys shares enable investors to support couples' desire to have children and benefit from the success of the product.

Expert in molecular information

In connection with the current corona virus, the biotech company Qiagen can offer test solutions that can diagnose whether a patient is infected within an hour. The company is represented in 25 countries around the globe and employs 4,700 people.

According to Medigene, the company offers 500 products that enable physicians, scientists and laboratory staff to examine and research the molecules of the human body for various purposes. The company has more than 500,000 customers in its more than 30-year history. The market value of Qiagen is currently EUR 7.3 billion. Qiagen's stock is the focus of the hype surrounding the current corona virus and a takeover bid by Thermo Fisher. Investors can see price gains.

Conflict of interest & risk note

In accordance with §34b WpHG we would like to point out that Apaton Finance GmbH as well as partners, authors or employees of Apaton Finance GmbH may hold shares in the aforementioned companies and that there may therefore be a conflict of interest. Further details can be found in our Conflict of Interest & Risk Disclosure.

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15. January 2020 | 07:42 CET

Fresenius Peer: Will the analysts' favorite M1 Kliniken 2020 take off?

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Besides Fresenius, M1 Klinken AG is one of the few listed clinic operators in Germany. Unlike the clinic group, M1 has specialised in a lucrative niche: the beauty market. More and more people are helping with beauty and are generating billions in sales in the industry. In just a few years, M1 has become the market leader for beauty medicine in Germany. A growth rate of 30% is also targeted for the future. Foreign business is increasingly becoming the growth driver. After a continuous price increase between 2016 and 2018, the share has consolidated in 2019. But operationally things are still running smoothly. Analysts see more than 50% upside potential.


25. November 2019 | 05:54 CET

MPH Health Care investment HAEMATO with growth in Q3 - shares before turnaround?

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HAEMATO AG, a provider of special pharmaceuticals and a subsidiary of MPH Health Care, which is also listed on the stock exchange, returned to growth in the third quarter of 2019. The company is also continuing to optimize its business processes and approve new products in order to broaden its portfolio. This means that the stocks could also face a turnaround. Analysts also see significant price potential.


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Expedeon AG before sale of a division to Abcam plc

  • Medical

The medical research company Expedeon has offices in Heidelberg and Madrid and develops innovative technologies, products and services that are used in research laboratories worldwide. Expedeon's products enable scientists to break down the boundaries of research and product development and make a significant contribution to the market launch of new diagnostic tools. With applications that cover the entire genomics, proteomics and immunology workflow, the technologies developed by Expedeon accelerate and simplify research and enable both biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies and organizations to introduce new and cost-effective processes. Expedeon's products are distributed through direct sales and several distributors in Europe, the USA and Asia. The company has offices in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Singapore.