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February 24th, 2022 | 13:13 CET

Delivery Hero, wallstreet:online, SAP: Personnel uprising at digital companies

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Nowadays, many of our wishes can be fulfilled with just a few clicks: A delicious food bowl for lunch, the latest action blockbuster or even a promising stock - after just a few clicks, we have obtained our goal. But digital business models are not always self-propelling. We get to the bottom of problems and show where opportunities still lie today. We look at the shares of Delivery Hero, wallstreet:online and SAP.

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    Delivery Hero: Who will still be delivering food tomorrow?

    If you get hungry in a big city today, you have plenty of options. Delivery services either bring fresh food directly to you or deliver ingredients at supermarket prices within ten minutes. But can that pay off for providers like Delivery Hero? As a rule, students supplement their household budgets with delivery jobs. Others do the job on the side because they like cycling. But delivery services cannot be managed with passionate bike couriers alone. At a time when skilled workers are becoming scarce, many students are likely to find better jobs. The result: In order to attract couriers, the wages have to rise. The business model is wavering.

    Although companies like Delivery Hero are currently primarily concerned with growth, which the Company is also impressively demonstrating, the end of the pandemic could also lead to people wanting to get together locally more often again. It is unclear whether Delivery Hero will remain on its growth path in the long term. There may also always be competition - after all, an app is quickly switched for most users if there are more favorable terms elsewhere. The plan to clear the market now and cash in over the long term is by no means set in stone for Delivery Hero. The stock is a digitalization stock that has currently exhausted its potential.

    wallstreet:online: Neobroker and media company move even closer together

    In the area of investment, too, one might initially believe that digitization no longer brings any significant innovations - after all, most of us have been investing digitally for decades. But when it comes to the details, things look different. In recent years, so-called neobrokers have shown what is possible when digital processes are implemented comprehensively. For example, when it comes to opening an account, many financial institutions will still not be able to do it without paper in 2022. Smartbroker from wallstreet:online is preparing to combine the advantages of traditional brokers and neobrokers. According to the Berlin-based Company, when digital processes and a comprehensive range of services come together, it is possible to score points on the market. Indeed, Smartbroker is a growth story - by the end of the year, 200,000 customers are expected to trade via the offering.

    As customer demand grows, so do the deposits of wallstreet:online Capital AG, which has recently been integrated 100% into wallstreet:online AG. Thanks to this formality, the Company will offer even more financial services in the future; corresponding applications have already been submitted to BaFin. Since the Company also has financial portals in its portfolio, which generate 376 million page impressions per month, synergy effects beckon - to attract customers or make the path to trade as short as possible, wallstreet:online has all the options. The share can now be bought for less than EUR 20, and the positive long-term trend remains intact!

    SAP: Good business, dissatisfied employees

    SAP also offers synergy effects - to customers and investors. The software group from Walldorf in Baden has been operating for years by means of modular offerings. Business customers can use complimentary software for different areas, such as warehousing and accounting. SAP is also well-positioned in the increasingly popular cloud solutions and now accounts for almost 30% of revenues in this emerging segment. Cloud offerings are straightforward to scale. It makes (almost) no difference whether the software is used by 10 customers or 100. Since customers no longer need to spend time on maintenance, updates or installation, the cloud is also very popular. The third business area is IT consulting. Although the division only accounts for around 15% of sales, these are generally long-term and recurring.

    Despite the good conditions, the stock has come down sharply and could soon be trading in double digits. According to media reports, SAP employees are not satisfied with their salaries. Given the shortage of skilled workers, which is particularly significant in IT, this is not a good sign for SAP - it simply cannot do without good people. While rising prices and staff shortages could become an issue at both the software giant and Delivery Hero, such news has not yet leaked at wallstreet:online. Moreover, the media and brokerage business model is so scalable and synergistic that personnel costs should be the least of wallstreet:online's problems.

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    Nico Popp

    At home in Southern Germany, the passionate stock exchange expert has been accompanying the capital markets for about twenty years. With a soft spot for smaller companies, he is constantly on the lookout for exciting investment stories.

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