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18. November 2019 | 05:50 CET

Daimler, dynaCERT and Tesla - what do investors need to know now?

  • environmental protection

As a result of the costly rebuild, the Daimler Group is using the red pen at Mercedes-Benz. 10% of the management level will be dismissed - i.e. around 1,100 people. CEO Ola Källenius will give a concrete account of the savings in his presentation and aims to reduce personnel costs by more than EUR 1 billion by 2022. While Stuttgart is in a crisis mood, Berlin-Brandenburg seems to be in a champagne mood, as Elon Musk had announced the construction of a Gigafactory in the region. Ironically, Tesla would no longer exist without the help of Daimler.

time to read: 2 minutes by Mario Hose


Who lies once...

Daimler saved Tesla, because without the Stuttgart carmaker's entry about ten years ago, the battery carmaker would probably never have received a loan of about half a billion USD from the US government later. This state financial aid was the de facto basis for the IPO in the summer of 2010. Subsidies have played a major role in Tesla's continued existence to date. The amount of taxpayers' money that Berlin and Brussels have promised for the construction of a Gigafactory in the region of the German capital is not yet known.

Musk is a skilled businessman with dubious methods. Anyone who fires his own share price with false claims and thus had the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against him, can also be trusted with subsidy poker. To a certain extent, deception is part of Musk's business model. So people in Berlin and the surrounding area should prepare themselves mentally for the fact that promised numbers will not be reached and costs will be exceeded - or that the Gigafactory will end up being nothing at all.

Climate protection at the expense of the environment

"The cost burdens to achieve the CO2 targets require comprehensive measures to increase efficiency in all areas of our company. This also includes streamlining our processes and structures," explained Källenius. Against this backdrop, it would be absurd for German taxpayers to use state subsidies to keep Tesla, a foreign competitor, alive.

More and more often there are problems in connection with damaged batteries. Recently, an accident in Austria hit the headlines in which a 600 kg battery of a Tesla burned and no recycling company wanted to accept this hazardous waste. Only after more than four weeks and due to public pressure does Tesla take care of this problem itself. So the industry still has potential to deal with the consequences of accidents.

Solutions for now and today

Numerous success messages came recently from the supplier dynaCERT. With the Mosolf Group in Germany, the company has gained an established partner with a promising logistics network in Europe. dynaCERT's hydrogen technology makes the combustion of diesel engines cleaner. The addition of hydrogen during the combustion process increases efficiency and, depending on the user profile, reduces diesel consumption by up to 19.2%. In addition, it has been demonstrated that emissions of the following pollutants have decreased: NOx up to 88.7%, CO up to 46.7%, CO2 up to 9.6% and in particulate matter up to 55.3%.

In Germany, the market launch has already begun through the General Operating Licence of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt). CEO Jim Payne will answer the questions of institutional investors, analysts and media representatives at the German Equity Forum in Frankfurt from 25 to 27 November, 2019 and the Munich Capital Markets Conference on 10 and 11 December, 2019.

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