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Fabian Lorenz

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For more than twenty years, the Cologne native has been intensively involved with the stock market, both professionally and privately. He is particularly passionate about national and international small and micro caps.

He first came into contact with the stock market and shares during his banking apprenticeship. After completing this in 2000, he gained his first journalistic experience in the editorial department of a financial portal. During his subsequent studies in business administration, he also worked in the area of investor relations.

Since then, he has remained true to the capital markets and is excited to report on every newly discovered interesting story - as well as on long-standing success stories.

Commented by Fabian Lorenz

Commented by Fabian Lorenz on January 4th, 2022 | 07:19 CET

Steinhoff, TeamViewer, CoinSmart: With hope and despair into the new year!

  • crypto

Hope and despair can exist close to each other. The same is true for the stock market. In the case of Steinhoff, there have been positive reports in recent months. It seems that the German-South African group can be saved after all. Accordingly, the share has multiplied. The security of CoinSmart is still far away from this. But there are good reasons why the price of the crypto platform could rise this year. There was certainly despair among one or the other shareholder of TeamViewer in 2021. The Company has forward-looking software but has squandered a lot of trust. Read more here.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 30th, 2021 | 11:40 CET

Varta, Nel ASA, Almonty Industries: Buying opportunities for 2022?

  • Tungsten

Even though 2021 felt like it was all about COVID-19 and vaccine manufacturers such as BioNTech, Valneva and Novavax, the energy and mobility revolution was one of the dominant themes. Evidence of this is the boom in e-cars in Germany. The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK) estimates that one in four new cars in this country will be electric in 2021. There is a good chance that hydrogen, lithium & Co. will continue to electrify investors in the coming year. Here we present three companies benefiting from the megatrends but whose share prices have come back significantly from their highs: Hydrogen specialist Nel ASA, battery pioneer Varta and future tungsten giant Almonty.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 28th, 2021 | 07:05 CET

Barrick Gold, Rock Tech Lithium, Alerio Gold: 2022 - Precious metals instead of lithium?

  • Gold

Lithium was one of the high flyers among commodities in 2021. Will 2022 see a comeback in precious metals and mining stocks in particular? Many investors ask themselves this at the end of a horror year for gold and silver. The industry has not benefited from the significant rise in inflation this year. While the gold price has "only" lost around 6% in 2021, the impacts on mining stocks have been more severe. The GDX has lost about 20%, and the GDXJ almost 30%. At the same time, with a current gold price of around USD 1,800, good money can be earned, and the exploration of new projects also makes sense. Shares like cash machine Barrick and newcomer Alerio are worth a look. But lithium will also remain in demand. Tesla neighbor Rock Tech could benefit from this.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 23rd, 2021 | 10:31 CET

+900% with Nvidia still not enough? Are Valneva and BrainChip on the verge of a breakthrough?

  • Technology

2021 was not a good year overall for technology and growth stocks. In particular, companies with a business model not yet profitable had a hard time. They included Peloton and Zoom. One of the top performers in the Nasdaq-100 was the Nvidia share. The chip giant benefits from several trends at once, such as artificial intelligence and the metaverse. If UBS has its way, then 900% price gains in the past three years are not enough. For the analysts of the Swiss bank, the chip stock is the "Top Pick 2022". BrainChip is still a long way from the chip Olympus, but the Company could make a breakthrough in the coming year. The same applies to Valneva, as many are waiting for the dead vaccine, and the stock is still valued relatively low.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 21st, 2021 | 11:33 CET

HelloFresh, TeamViewer, CoinAnalyst: Shares for 2022?

  • crypto

Tech stocks again lost significantly on Monday. The TecDAX was down 0.5% at 3,788 points in the late afternoon. As a result, this means that investors are still waiting in vain for the year-end rally. Uncertainty currently dominates the stock markets: on the further course of the Corona pandemic and the expected economic stimulus package in the United States. We look at three stocks that could have an excellent start to 2022. From the planned renewed restrictions on public life to the lockdown in Germany and numerous other countries, HelloFresh and TeamViewer should benefit. CoinAnalyst aims to make cryptocurrency trading easier with a new app in the first quarter of 2022.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 16th, 2021 | 13:41 CET

Shares with top news: Plug Power, BioNTech, Prospect Ridge

  • Gold

Inflation fears and uncertainty about the impact of the Omicron variant on the course of the Corona pandemic are currently driving stock prices. These are very volatile, with a downward tendency. Highflyers such as Plug Power and BioNTech have also corrected significantly. However, there is positive news about both companies. Plug Power reports further cooperation in the USA to reach the medium-term delivery targets, and BioNTech's vaccine protects against severe disease progression at Omicron. The vaccine is in short supply in Germany. There were several pieces of positive news recently from Prospect Ridge Resources. The gold explorer seems to be sitting on a real treasure.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 16th, 2021 | 11:04 CET

Time for the rebound? HelloFresh, BYD, Troilus

  • Gold

When will the rebound finally come? Many investors are probably asking themselves this question these days. More minor recoveries are used to sell off, and sustainable positive development is stalled. Numerous shares from various sectors have lost significantly in recent days and weeks. DAX newcomer HelloFresh had disappointed with the outlook for 2022 but now receives backing from two analysts at once. BYD lost around 5% in value yesterday alone. The Chinese automaker has published ambitious sales targets for the coming year. Troilus Gold is unable to detach itself from the overall weak gold sector. At the same time, the CEO is optimistic about surprising positively with the upcoming resource update. All three companies could be ripe for a rebound if the stock market plays along.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 14th, 2021 | 12:40 CET

BioNTech, Bayer, Ayurcann: From vaccination records to cannabis

  • Cannabis

The COVID-19 pandemic is dominating the headlines. There is no end in sight to the pandemic. The shares of BioNTech are benefiting from this. The Mainz-based Company has developed the most successful vaccine to date. The blockbuster is likely to remain in demand and generate billions in revenue for BioNTech. Thus, Berenberg sees a price target of USD 400. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach referred to a necessary vaccination rate of over 90% in the ARD program "Anne Will". BioNTech is currently expanding its production capacity. Just like Ayurcann. Because the legalization of cannabis opens the door to a billion-dollar market for the Canadian Company. Bayer also made headlines yesterday - the US Supreme Court is taking a closer look at the glyphosate dispute. That is new food for the gamblers. They have the Bayer share firmly in their grip.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 9th, 2021 | 06:11 CET

Steinhoff, HelloFresh, Aspermont: From flop to top

  • Digitization
  • Aspermont
  • Steinhoff
  • HelloFresh
  • technology
  • fintech

The stock markets continue to be very nervous. The German leading DAX index could not do anything with the good guidance from the US and was slightly in the red. Among the striking shares are the papers of HelloFresh. The cooking box mail-order Company disappointed investors and analysts with its forecast for 2022. The situation is quite different at Aspermont. The preliminary figures were convincing, and analysts see considerable share price potential due to the entry into the FinTech business. In contrast, Steinhoff shares remain a plaything for gamblers. Although there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, legacy issues have the ailing retail Group and its stock in their grip.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on December 8th, 2021 | 14:02 CET

Valneva, Novavax, Manganese X Energy: The new pandemic fighters?

  • Covid-19

In the fight against the fourth wave of Corona, German industry is now also becoming active. In support of the vaccination campaign, numerous well-known corporations are changing their advertising slogans. Since November 7, more than 150 companies - including BMW, McDonald's, Edeka, Sparkassen, and Volksbanken - have been jointly promoting the corona vaccination. The campaign was developed by the Berlin advertising agency Antoni. In the future, Valneva, Novavax and Manganese X Energy want to contribute to the direct fight against the pandemic. Valneva and Novavax are in a neck-and-neck race for the first inactivated vaccine alternative to the top dogs BioNTech and Moderna. Newcomer Manganese wants to combat Corona with a new air disinfectant and has other arrows in its quiver.