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March 9th, 2022 | 12:14 CET

Kleos Space, Palantir, Deutsche Bank - Data like gold

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The nervousness caused by the dramatic situation in Ukraine is also spreading to the global capital markets. Germany's leading index, the DAX, fell to a new low for the year of 12,431.50 points. By contrast, gold, the crisis currency, was bullish and put an initial exclamation mark above the USD 2,000 per ounce mark. Data providers such as Kleos Space and Palantir, whose Gotham software provides analyses for the US armed forces, among others, are also in demand.

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    Kleos Space - Third cluster ready

    Kleos Space, a Data as a Service company headquartered in Luxembourg, scans the Earth for high-frequency signals for geolocation using nanosatellites. It processes them with its AI-powered technology and creates finished data packages that are delivered to government and commercial analytics and intelligence entities globally to improve security on the world's oceans and target human trafficking, smuggling, piracy, or border violations. Kleos Space's customers, now numbering more than 50, include insurance companies, coast guards and shipping companies, in addition to governments and public authorities.

    After the launch of the third cluster consisting of four satellites was postponed, the Kleos Patrol Mission (KSF2) satellites are to be reprogrammed for another attempt with the SpaceX Transporter 4 mission. With launch into a sun-synchronous orbit, the Patrol Mission satellites will significantly increase data collection capacity. In addition, a partnership was formed with NASDAQ-listed geospatial analytics company Satellogic to pursue government and commercial RFPs. Satellogic is a leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery to governments and commercial customers worldwide and currently has 17 satellites in low Earth orbit. Its high-resolution, high-frequency Earth observation platform improves access and affordability of geospatial data for mainstream applications.

    Eric von Eckartsberg, chief revenue officer of Kleos, said, "Satellogic is a complementary geospatial data and analytics provider, and we use our combined products and technologies to win large-scale government and commercial tenders." The Company also secured a data analytics contract with Advanced Ground Information Systems Inc. AGIS works for US government agencies and the US military and will integrate Kleos' geolocation data into its control systems.

    Kleos Space shares escaped the weak overall market and are currently bottoming out at around AUD 0.59, equivalent to EUR 0.40. Since data analysis is currently in high demand, especially from the military, it would not be surprising if Kleos Space takes off after the launch of the third cluster at the latest.

    Palantir - In demand from the West

    The shares of the Big Data company Palantir have already corrected sharply in recent months. Since the interim high of USD 29.19 last September, it went steeply downhill to the low of USD 9.74, representing a strong support line. Since then, the shares of the Denver-based Company have been trying to bottom out. Palantir is currently getting tailwind from the current geopolitical situation. CEO Alex Karp promoted the introduction of AI technology in the European military at the Munich Security Conference. According to Karp, this would be the factor that would enable states to defend their fundamental values in the future.

    Palantir once again received orders worth USD 34 million from the US Army to support the further development of the Army Intelligence Data Platform (AIDP), an AI-based battle management analysis system. The US military uses the platform to predict where militias or opposing armies will place ground mines, for example, to attack convoys of US forces.

    The trip to the Bavarian capital also appears to have paid off. The Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation plans to use an analysis system from the German subsidiary of US data company Palantir in the future. Palantir Technologies GmbH has been awarded the contract for the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office's (BLKA) "Cross-Procedure Research and Analysis System (VeRA)," the BLKA announced Monday. Bavaria could be a pioneer for other German states.

    Deutsche Bank - Hard hit

    After the recently reported positive figures, what still looked positive with regard to a possible chart-technical turning point, was abruptly stopped by the Ukraine conflict and the invasion of Russian forces. For days, stocks of financial institutions have been among the main losers in the market. With the successful defense of the support line of EUR 8 and a subsequent reversal candle, the decline was stopped, at least in the short term.

    Investors were mainly concerned about the exposure to Russia and Ukraine. Deutsche Bank has around 1500 technology employees in Russia, about 10% of the global tech workforce. Shortly after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the financial institution announced that the bank had prepared for various scenarios and created contingency plans.

    Stock markets remain in free fall following the escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Both Palantir and Kleos Space show relative strength and can even profit from the current situation with their data analysis systems. In contrast, financial stocks such as Deutsche Bank continue to be among the losers and should currently only be observed.

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    Carsten Mainitz

    The native Rhineland-Palatinate has been a passionate market participant for more than 25 years. After studying business administration in Mannheim, he worked as a journalist, in equity sales and many years in equity research.

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