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Daimler Truck Holding AG

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Commented by Stefan Feulner on May 18th, 2022 | 10:21 CEST

RWE, Almonty Industries, Daimler Truck - Increasing signs of strength

  • Tungsten

The world's stock markets are staggering, but a further sell-off has so far been avoided. The German stock market barometer DAX is also showing strength. After another slide below the psychologically important 14,000-point mark, it has been possible to regain it significantly. Now, an important downward trend that has been in place since the beginning of the current stock market year awaits. Should this be broken, a more significant recovery should take place and provide further relief. The development of many individual stocks looks similarly positive. After stronger corrections, share prices are once again pointing north.


Commented by Armin Schulz on May 9th, 2022 | 10:37 CEST

BYD, First Hydrogen, Daimler Truck - Shares for the transportation of tomorrow

  • Hydrogen
  • Trucks

The transportation industry is on the verge of a radical change. According to a study by Bain & Company, every second vehicle will no longer require diesel as early as 2025. But while it is a done deal that the future of passenger cars belongs to the e-car sector, the outcome in the transport industry is still open. Yet freight transport is responsible for a large proportion of emissions. The problem is the heavy batteries, which still cause performance losses and longer charging times. Hydrogen can score points, especially in terms of charging times, and offers high fuel cell efficiency. Today, we take a look at three stocks for tomorrow's transportation.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 25th, 2022 | 10:48 CEST

Plug Power, First Hydrogen, Daimler Truck, Ballard Power - Revolution of transport: Hydrogen versus oil and gas!

  • Hydrogen

It is hard to find more arguments in favor of hydrogen than right now! The element burns cleanly, it can be produced infinitely from nature and is currently even competitive given the high prices for oil and gas. Now the governments must act and direct their one-sided firing of e-mobility in the direction of hydrogen. Given the raw materials crisis, the year 2022 should be defined as an initial departure into the future. The last climate conference in Glasgow in 2021 has set the course - now, we must not stand still but get out with the budgets. What helps the environment is ultimately also good for the economy. Hydrogen drive is an alternative to ecologically questionable battery production! As an investor, these shares should be kept in mind.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on April 19th, 2022 | 14:06 CEST

Nel, dynaCERT, Daimler Truck - Climate Targets: Hydrogen is the key technology!

  • Hydrogen

As early as the summer of 2020, the German government set an important point with the adoption of the "National Hydrogen Strategy", which has suddenly gained importance in view of the Ukraine war. Politicians and experts are convinced that hydrogen, as a versatile energy carrier, will play a key role in achieving the energy and climate targets. It is now essential that the defined, coherent, but often still too theoretical framework for action is quickly filled with life. With the right stocks, investors can benefit from these developments.


Commented by Armin Schulz on December 30th, 2021 | 11:35 CET

Standard Lithium, Manganese X Energy, Daimler Truck - The future of the battery

  • Electromobility

Electric cars would never have existed with the conventional lead-acid batteries popularly used in remote controls and the like. The development only became possible with the invention of lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged much more often and thus significantly increase battery life. The advantage of electric mobility is emission-free driving. The disadvantage is longer refueling times, shorter range and the need for lithium and other rare raw materials, such as manganese. It is precisely the batteries that make electromobility so expensive. It is not for nothing that Tesla is trying to push the price down to under USD 100 per kilowatt-hour. Experts expect that the prices of internal combustion and e-cars will then converge.


Commented by Nico Popp on December 16th, 2021 | 10:37 CET

Daimler Truck, dynaCERT, BASF: Hydrogen powers depots

  • Hydrogen

How sustainable is the German economy? As Handelsblatt recently wrote, key figures on climate damage are becoming increasingly important for investors. The newspaper lists all forty DAX companies according to their climate-warming potential. Right at the top are Linde, Volkswagen, Daimler incl. Daimler Truck and also BASF. At the other end of the ranking are SAP, Infineon and - somewhat surprisingly - E.ON. We take a closer look at two climate sinners and explain whether new technology can help these companies move forward.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on December 10th, 2021 | 12:54 CET

Daimler, Daimler Trucks, Ayurcann, TUI: Great yield gifts in the Advent season!

  • Cannabis

The so-called quiet time before Christmas is often associated with cozy warmth, gingerbread and mulled wine. At the stock exchange, the books of the large investors close and private investors optimize their capital gains tax by the realization of pending losses. Because from a pure tax point of view, losses from private sales transactions can be set off against profits; only the annual residual profit then has to be taxed. As a result, the autumn stock markets are often more stormy than many people think, and there is less of a sense of "quiet time," according to Christian beliefs. We pick out a few pieces of gingerbread!