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Fabian Lorenz

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For more than twenty years, the Cologne native has been intensively involved with the stock market, both professionally and privately. He is particularly passionate about national and international small and micro caps.

He first came into contact with the stock market and shares during his banking apprenticeship. After completing this in 2000, he gained his first journalistic experience in the editorial department of a financial portal. During his subsequent studies in business administration, he also worked in the area of investor relations.

Since then, he has remained true to the capital markets and is excited to report on every newly discovered interesting story - as well as on long-standing success stories.

Commented by Fabian Lorenz

Commented by Fabian Lorenz on April 5th, 2022 | 11:58 CEST

Varta, Standard Lithium, Edison Lithium: Shares profit from e-mobility

  • Lithium
  • Electromobility

Tesla has reported a new delivery record. This confirms the high demand for e-cars, and demand is necessary because the energy turnaround will hardly work without a consistent shift to e-mobility. In Germany, this development is compounded by the reduction in oil supplies from Russia. The demand for batteries and their components - above all lithium - is correspondingly high. The price per ton of lithium carbonate knows only one way: up. Today, more than EUR 70,000 per ton is being paid for the "white gold". Investors can profit from this: One of the favorites in this area is Standard Lithium. After a breather, the share is stepping on the gas again. The still largely undiscovered Edison Lithium share also has potential. Battery specialist Varta is having a more challenging time. The figures were okay. The outlook did not convince analysts, but there is hope.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 31st, 2022 | 12:31 CEST

Is the gas dispute escalating? What are Nel, RWE and First Hydrogen doing?

  • Hydrogen

Germany is preparing for a possible gas shortage with an "early warning" phase. Yesterday, Economics Minister Robert Habeck activated the early warning phase of the so-called Gas Emergency Plan due to a possible deterioration in the supply situation and put together a crisis team. Habeck: "There are currently no supply bottlenecks. Nevertheless, we must increase preventative measures to be prepared in the event of an escalation by Russia." The background to this is Russia's announcement that it will only accept rubles for gas deliveries in the future. Once again, this highlights the urgent need for Germany to become independent of Russian gas supplies. Companies such as the utility RWE and the hydrogen specialists Nel and First Hydrogen are providing support on this path. The shares offer interesting opportunities.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 29th, 2022 | 10:20 CEST

Alarm bells ringing: Shares of Nel ASA, K+S and Almonty Industries take off

  • Tungsten
  • Hydrogen

There is a mood of alarm in German politics and business these days. The reason - prices for critical raw materials are going through the roof, and the security of supply is in question. BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen have to shut down plants due to a shortage of nickel. And the stress factor is also high in medium-sized companies. Take tungsten, for example. "The sources are drying up at the moment, which is causing problems in procurement," says Johannes Schmidt in an interview with the FAZ. He is chairman of the board of the medium-sized holding Company Indus and thus has an overview of the situation in various industries. Although China is the largest tungsten producer, German companies have often ordered from Russia. On the other hand, commodity companies such as Almonty Industries, K+S and Nel are profiting. Their shares are taking off.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 24th, 2022 | 10:58 CET

Nel and Bayer shares in demand - when will Barsele Minerals explode?

  • Gold
  • Hydrogen

The stock and commodity markets remain volatile. Prices are driven by the war in Ukraine and the Corona pandemic. In recent days, commodities have been on the rise again. Brent oil is trading at around USD 120 per barrel, and gold is again setting its sights on the USD 2,000 mark. But even in this difficult-to-navigate environment, equities can make gains. Bayer shares, for example, have developed positively in recent weeks. And analysts see up to 50% upside potential for the DAX company. The invasion of Russia has also accelerated the move toward renewable energies. Hydrogen plays a central role in this. Nel has been able to profit from the fantasy in recent weeks and has now also announced a new order. Gold explorer Barsele Minerals has catch-up potential. According to a study, the share already had a lot of potential at a gold price of USD 1,350.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 22nd, 2022 | 12:31 CET

Analysts enthusiastic about S&T, Rheinmetall and Phoenix Copper - TUI share under review

  • Tourism
  • Copper
  • armaments

The shares of S&T and Rheinmetall were among the day's winners yesterday. Austrian IT services provider S&T gave a positive outlook for the current year and fended off Viceroy's short attack. The loss of sales in its Russian business is expected to be partially offset by orders in the armaments and cybersecurity sectors. The guidance from January was raised slightly, and the dividend is also expected to increase. Analysts were pleased and the stock gained more than 10%. Rheinmetall shares benefit from positive analyst recommendations, with the price targets increasing up to EUR 210. In contrast, Jefferies is not convinced by the share of TUI. Phoenix Copper is benefiting from the commodity market. The experts at SISM Research see more than 100% upside potential for the commodity explorer.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 17th, 2022 | 11:12 CET

TUI, Lufthansa, mm2 Asia: Shares for the opening after Corona

  • Tourism
  • entertainment

Currently, the news surrounding Russia's war of aggression dominates the capital market. A second event that has a significant impact on share prices: is the COVID-19 pandemic. And even if the daily infection figures are still at record levels, Germany is on the verge of dropping measures. Other countries are even further along. Companies are likely to benefit from this. For example, the tourism group TUI and Deutsche Lufthansa. TUI sees considerable pent-up demand, and Lufthansa is benefiting from the optimism of a competitor. However, analysts are still skeptical about both. The Asian entertainment company mm2 Asia should also benefit from upcoming concerts and cinema openings. In the first half of 2021, sales have already more than doubled.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 15th, 2022 | 11:56 CET

Nordex, K+S, Defense Metals: Shares for the "inflationary shock"?

  • RareEarths
  • Inflation

Russia's war in Ukraine is causing massive dislocations in the commodity markets. Not only for oil and gas but also for metals and agricultural commodities. The consequences are clear: Everything is getting more expensive. At the same time, resources outside Russia and China are becoming strategically more important. That speaks in favor of the German potash producer K+S. However, the share has already done very well, with analysts issuing warnings. The situation is different for Defense Metals. The Canadian rare earth explorer is described as an "undiscovered pearl" with takeover fantasy. In the meantime, renewable energy must also be called a commodity. Nordex benefits from this and receives tailwinds from analysts. But, there are also problems at the wind turbine manufacturer, and these need to be solved.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 10th, 2022 | 10:22 CET

Nordex, K+S, Desert Gold: Commodities out of control

  • Gold
  • Commodities

While the broad stock market suffers from Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine, commodities are becoming increasingly expensive. On Tuesday, the price of nickel had doubled, and the London Metal Exchange even suspended trading. Prices are also going through the roof for virtually all other commodities such as oil, gold, gas and wheat. Accordingly, shares from these sectors are currently in demand. Such as the potash producer K+S because large competitors from Russia and Belarus are currently cut off from the world market. Analysts have recently been cautious. Desert Gold is benefiting from the high gold price. In addition, the Canadian explorer has published promising resource estimates. Driven by the political announcements to replace fossil fuels even faster with renewable energies, Nordex was one of the past week's winners. Now, however, the Company has published sobering figures. But hope remains.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 8th, 2022 | 12:07 CET

Nel, Hensoldt, Perimeter Medical: Hype share or sustainably attractive?

  • medtech
  • Technology
  • defense
  • Hydrogen

Since Russia's attack on Ukraine, the world has turned upside down. Also, the stock market. The volatility is extreme, as is the uncertainty of many investors. It is worth taking a look at companies in sectors with good long-term prospects. More than ever, these include renewable energies and, as of almost two weeks ago, "unfortunately" also the defense industry. Hydrogen is a key technology, and Nel ASA is a specialist in this field. However, insider sales are causing uncertainty. The same happened at Hensoldt after a major shareholder cashed in - but only for a short time. Medical technology is on the sidelines these days, although companies like Perimeter are working on life-saving technologies.


Commented by Fabian Lorenz on March 3rd, 2022 | 11:47 CET

Plug Power, Hensoldt, Saturn Oil + Gas: Will the price rally continue?

  • Oil

Until recently, it seemed unthinkable, but it has become a reality: the price of Brent oil is trading above USD 110, a multi-year high. The German armed forces are to receive EUR 100 billion in special funds. In addition, according to Chancellor Scholz, NATO's 2% target is to be met in the future. And renewable energies are described by politicians of all parties as strategically important "freedom energies". These drastic developments are currently moving share prices. The value of the defense company Hensoldt has doubled within a few days, and a new major customer beckons. Hydrogen specialist Plug Power has also posted double-digit gains but missed analysts' estimates operationally in 2021. Saturn Oil & Gas shares have not yet benefited from the high oil price. After the successful takeover, the knot could now burst.