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Commented by Fabian Lorenz on April 4th, 2024 | 08:00 CEST

+100% and more with momentum stocks: AIXTRON, BASF, Exasol

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  • Technology
  • chemicals
  • AI

Surprise! BASF shares have gained around 25% since mid-January. And the momentum could continue. Analysts see further upside potential. But there are also skeptical voices. In contrast, the Exasol share has only just taken off. The German AI hopeful has reported orders, the share has left the downward trend, and management is buying. Analysts believe the share could perform by more than 100%. At least it is certainly not expensive. Investors in AIXTRON are still waiting for the upward trend. Speculation has stalled the share price recovery for the time being. However, there are also optimistic voices from analysts.


Commented by Stefan Feulner on April 3rd, 2024 | 07:45 CEST

Ballard Power, Exasol, Xiaomi - Shares on the rise

  • Software
  • renewableenergies
  • Fuelcells
  • Electromobility

The stock market year 2024 is entering its second quarter and has again started with record highs. The DAX reached new all-time highs of 18,571 points, while the Dow Jones broke through the 40,000-point barrier for the first time in its history. Despite the boom in the most important stock market barometers, many sectors are still in a deep sleep and are waiting to be kissed awake. The recent weeks have shown, with cannabis stocks as an example, how quickly a rebound can be initiated.


Commented by André Will-Laudien on April 2nd, 2024 | 06:55 CEST

AI shares in takeover frenzy, further gains of over 100% possible with Nvidia, Exasol, Palantir and Super Micro Computer

  • hightech
  • AI
  • chips
  • Software

In the first quarter of 2024, the stock markets were at their friendliest, but the focus was almost exclusively on Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence and high-tech. Meanwhile, the market leader in fast chips, Nvidia, has become the epicenter of future Big Data and AI applications. Productivity increases of over 20% per year are expected worldwide through the use of artificial intelligence in businesses, but commercial market penetration is still in its infancy. Therefore, it can be assumed that the rally will continue or even accelerate in the current environment. In addition to the well-known crowd-pullers, there are also latecomers with huge potential, including in Germany.


Commented by Mario Hose on June 4th, 2020 | 14:51 CEST

dynaCERT, Exasol, Scottie Resources - capital injections for growth

  • Equity

The stock exchange is a marketplace for company shares that are traded in the form of stocks. The securitised equity can change hands in fractions of a second through a stock exchange listing. In addition, through the tradability of shares, the capital market offers companies the opportunity to raise growth or risk capital from investors more quickly. A key advantage of a public company over a private one is that shareholders can track the value of their share on each trading day and change the portfolio if necessary. Three success stories offer exciting examples of this.