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Carsten Mainitz

  • Small-Caps
  • Micro-Caps
  • Behavioral Finance

The native Rhineland-Palatinate has been a passionate market participant for more than 25 years. After studying business administration in Mannheim, he worked as a journalist, in equity sales and many years in equity research.

Most recently, he headed a Hamburg-based investment research company as a member of the board for 8 years.

He is particularly interested in international small and micro caps and empirical capital market research (behavioral finance).

Commented by Carsten Mainitz

Commented by Carsten Mainitz on January 4th, 2022 | 11:29 CET

Barrick Gold, Barsele Minerals, Yamana Gold - Before the rebound!

  • Gold

Last year, the general conditions spoke for a rising gold price, but because there is often a gap between theory and practice, the precious metal price declined by about 5% instead of reaching higher prices. Most precious metal shares lost more. Experts nevertheless believe that gold has upside potential in 2022. With disruptions in the geopolitical situation or an economic slowdown, a sharp rise in inflation and negative real returns could quickly make precious metals en vogue again. With which stocks can investors position themselves successfully against this background?


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on January 3rd, 2022 | 09:00 CET

Meta Materials, BASF, Nvidia - Win with innovative companies in 2022!

  • metamaterials

The protection of intellectual property through patents is crucial for innovative companies. According to data from the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office), patent applications in artificial intelligence have recently risen sharply. Exciting developments are also taking place in materials management. New materials have a high disruptive potential.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 30th, 2021 | 11:48 CET

TeamViewer, wallstreet:online, Steinhoff - A lot of movement!

  • Investments

Even though the German benchmark index took it easy in the last trading days of the year, there have been some sharp fluctuations in recent months. We look at three stocks that have seen a lot of movement in these last months. Trend reversal or trend continuation? That is the crucial question.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 30th, 2021 | 11:30 CET

Nevada Copper, Nordex E.ON - What is next in 2022?

  • Copper

Several ingredients are needed to make the energy transition and electromobility a sustainable success. First and foremost, raw materials such as copper and lithium. Then there is a need for energy sources such as solar and wind, and finally, a suitable infrastructure. Therefore, within the megatrend, there are various starting points for profiting with corresponding shares. We have three promising stocks in our bag. Who will win the race in 2022?


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 29th, 2021 | 10:23 CET

Osino Resources, Barrick, First Majestic - Winners for 2022!

  • Gold

Historically, the current gold price level of a good USD 1,800 per troy ounce can be considered high. This year, gold producers were able to post record profits. In the medium term, many things point to rising precious metal prices. Decisive framework conditions are the low-interest rate level, inflation, economic growth, the condition of the stock markets, the level of gold reserves, and the long-term production outlook.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 28th, 2021 | 11:26 CET

Novavax, XPhyto Therapeutics, Bayer - Corona shares for 2022!

  • Biotechnology

The head of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, warned a few days ago that the healthcare system would be overburdened and critical care structures impaired if the feared Omicron wave could not be curbed. This situation illustrates that the pandemic is far from letting us go. Vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies will continue to benefit. Their shares should also be on the winning side next year.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 27th, 2021 | 10:45 CET

Mutares, Hong Lai Huat, Aurelius - Yield generators in 2022!

  • Investments

Given high inflation, investing in tangible assets such as shares, real estate, and commodities is still a good idea in 2022. Substantial stocks from the investment or real estate sector that create added value for shareholders and pay attractive dividends are now worth a closer look. We checked three different companies.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 23rd, 2021 | 13:13 CET

S&T, Prospect Ridge Resources, Steinhoff - A lot of movement!

  • Gold

What moves prices on the stock markets, and what causes the players to act? A large, colorful bouquet of factors and interrelationships means that things often turn out differently than expected. Company valuations, business performance, chart technology, the overarching sector, and economic outlook, including interest rates, sometimes come up against greed and panic. An exciting look at three stocks where a lot is happening.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 22nd, 2021 | 11:01 CET

Kinross Gold, Almonty Industries, K+S - Is rising inflation the trigger for commodity stocks?

  • Commodities

Two topics are currently occupying the markets: the impact of the new Corona Omicron variant on global supply chains and the further course of inflation. Experts disagree on both topics. While everyone assumes that the Omicron variant will lead to another global wave, most experts now see the supply chains as so stable that a fundamental disruption is now virtually impossible as was at the beginning of the pandemic. Concerning inflation, there are increasing voices that this should not be regarded as merely temporary. That should drive commodity stocks.


Commented by Carsten Mainitz on December 21st, 2021 | 12:18 CET

GameStop, Aspermont, Salesforce - What counts are facts, facts, facts!

  • Digitization

The stock market trades the future. But analysts far too often get bogged down in looking at the latest quarterly, half-yearly or annual figures. These data describe a company's current situation and can also point to dangerous moments in the future. How did market participants perceive the figures and outlook of the three companies mentioned?